Industry Solutions Webinars

These webinars provide insights into overcoming challenges in an evolving industry in more effective and efficient ways. These sessions will be less technical than the Training sessions, and are suitable for managers and non-users of 12d Synergy.

Training Webinars

These sessions showcase common industry challenges and take a close look at industry best practices and how these can be implemented using 12d Synergy. The aim of these webinars is to upskill 12d Synergy users and broaden their understanding of the capabilities of 12d Synergy.

What to Expect

These webinars can be seen as a “Lunch and Learn” opportunity, with sessions beginning at 1pm (Sydney time). You’ll be able to register for these online, and ask questions of the presenter during each webinar (questions will be answered live at the end of the session if there’s time, or answers emailed to attendees later if necessary).


Title Date Start Time Duration Register
Industry Solutions: Transform Your Life: It’s time to Embrace the Flexible Working Environment!

Unchain yourself from your desk!

We are in the midst of an infrastructure boom. We are seeing pressures on consultancies mount as they attempt to meet the demand. As more projects are awarded, Civil Designers and Drafters are taking on larger workloads, which means longer hours stuck in the office away from friends and family. It is time for the system to change.

This webinar will show you how to embrace and deploy a modern flexible working system that will transform your career and your organisation. Say goodbye to long hours chained to the desk in your office.


Please note: Attendance at this Webinar is free of charge.

25 Oct, 2017 1:00pm AEDT 1 hour
Industry Solutions: Reducing Rework in Engineering Design & Construction Projects

In the AEC industry, the cost of rework is estimated to be 5% of contract value, or $500,000 on a $10 million project.

Rework can be decreased through the effective use of information technology to improve teamwork and collaboration; increase visibility of documents, engineering files, and email communications; and through providing a “single source of the truth” for all information.

This Industry Solutions webinar will show you how 12d Synergy can help your organisation reduce rework and save money.


Please note: Attendance at this Webinar is free of charge.

2 Nov, 2017 1:00pm AEDT 1 hour