SMEC’s 12d Synergy Revolution: North East Link Project

Presented by Joshua Allison

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SMEC’s 12d Synergy Revolution: North East Link Project

Session Overview

Discover the groundbreaking journey of SMEC’s implementation and evolution with 12d Synergy in one of Australia’s largest road projects, the North East Link, designed to connect Melbourne’s arterial network and significantly improve travel times. Hosted by Joshua Allison, Digital Engineering Practice Lead at SMEC, this session offers an insightful exploration into SMEC’s strategic adoption and advancement of 12d Synergy. Delve into the catalysts behind SMEC’s initial adoption of Synergy, the challenges they faced during growth, and the critical decision to transition to 12d Synergy’s cloud hosting service. Learn about the profound impact of 12d Synergy on the North East Link Project Tender and how this tool has revolutionised project management and delivery at SMEC.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The evolution of SMEC’s integration with 12d Synergy and its transformative impact.
  • Resolving server issues and the benefits of moving to 12d Synergy’s Cloud Hosting.
  • Effective strategies for onboarding users and implementing the Enterprise Agreement.
  • A focused look at the application of 12d Synergy in the North East Link project tender.

Session details:

Available on demand
Duration: 21 minutes
Cost: Free

About the Presenter

Joshua Allison

Joshua Allison

Digital Engineering Practice Lead, SMEC

Joshua Allison is a seasoned professional in the field of digital engineering and serves as the Digital Engineering Practice Lead at SMEC. His extensive knowledge, experience, and passion for innovation have led to the development of a powerful suite of macros that have made significant improvements to the efficiency and effectiveness of workflows at SMEC. Joshua’s practical approach to teaching, combined with his industry insights, make this session a must-attend for those seeking to harness the power of 12d Macros in their own work.

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