Email Management

Track all job-related correspondence including incoming and outgoing emails using the Microsoft Outlook plugin. Emails can be stamped with a job number or a job attribute and automatically filed into the corresponding 12d Synergy job.

Once added to 12d Synergy, emails can be viewed from within the 12d Synergy client. You can even save email attachments separately.

The email will always be associated with the attachment so that you can establish where the data came from throughout the project.

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Microsoft Office Plugins

Plugins are available for the Microsoft Office products: Word, Excel & Outlook

The ribbon allows interactions with 12d Synergy without leaving the Office products.


Word and Excel

With the 12d Synergy ribbon in Microsoft Excel and Word, you can:

  • Upload new documents and spreadsheets;
  • Check out existing documents and spreadsheets;
  • And edit and add new attributes.

Attributes stored in 12d Synergy can be imported into Word documents, and references in Excel are maintained while being managed in the 12d Synergy environment.

12d Model & CAD Integration

12d Synergy is optimised for use with 12d Model and CAD systems.

12d Model Integration

It’s the solution that 12d Model users have been asking for – a data management system that manages 12d Model projects and all associated data and collaboration.

12d Model integration includes:

  • Full version control and history;
  • Secure model and TIN sharing with other 12d Synergy users;
  • Intuitive access control;
  • Synchronised attributes;
  • Offline 12d Model projects;
  • Easy 12d Model customisation management;
  • Local caching technology;
  • And intelligent data transfer.

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CAD Plugins

To make the process of working with CAD easier, 12d Synergy comes with easy to use plugins for popular CAD applications such as:

  • AutoCAD
  • BricsCAD

More integrations are on the way (ask us).

You can check files in and out directly from your supported applications, or even check in or out or X-Ref files stored in 12d Synergy from your CAD software.

Connected Products

Connected Products

The connector API allows you to connect 12d Synergy to your business’s other software products. 12d Synergy has connectors available for many popular products. Connectors automatically import information stored in other products – preventing double entry, saving time and reducing errors.

A wide range of data can be imported including jobs, tasks, files, folders, client and supplier companies, contacts, staff, notes and custom fields.


Time Management & Invoicing Software

Microsoft SharePoint

Document Management Solution


Accounting Software

Workflow Max

Online Workflow & Job Management Software


Beautiful Accounting Software

12d Synergy is perfectly suited to a wide variety of industry applications…

Small Business

Time in small business is precious. Let 12d Synergy manage your data, documents and projects with ease so you can get back to what you do best. Small Business Applications >


Larger engineering and design organisations benefit greatly from reduced network load and engineering integrations. Enterprise Applications >


Manage your data and reduce network overload with the only data management system to work with folder based software like 12d Model and TuFlow. Government Applications >