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Why your current email archive can’t save your skin

Transform your email clutter into dependable documentation with simple and easy filing, management and retrieval

  • Learn how to find emails faster
  • Minimise legal risk
  • Declutter your mailbox
  • Eliminate lost and inaccessible email
  • Transform your business today
  • Enhance your daily productivity
  • Enjoy the freedom of flexible working
  • Streamline collaboration

Drowning in a tsunami of unmanaged email clutter?

You’re not alone. Tens of thousands of emails are created around architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) projects, and businesses are struggling to keep up with it all.

Email is essential for day-to-day work and has critical legal weight, but it routinely gets lost, deleted, tampered with and made inaccessible.

Your project can quickly become a living nightmare when:

  • Collaboration hits roadblocks as email-embedded project data is lost or inaccessible in the mailboxes of current, out-of-office and former staff
  • Wasteful data duplication brings Outlook to a grinding halt as the same emails and attachments are filed by each recipient
  • Hundreds of billable hours are burnt searching for lost or deleted correspondence that has fallen through the cracks of human-error

Unmanaged email exposes you and your business to serious risks

Complicated legal disputes, snowballing legal fees and lost cases can be catastrophically expensive if vital evidence is lost

Non-compliance penalties – you can be fined thousands of dollars if you fail to file records for 7 years

Why public folders don’t work

To solve these issues, many companies create a public folder for each job which users can file all their email into. But manually filing and retrieving your email is time-consuming, prone to human error and impossible to enforce. In other words, it’s a lose-lose-lose proposition.

This story is all too common.

That’s why we developed a simple and dependable way to file, manage and retrieve all your project email, designed specifically for the AEC industry.

Cut Out the Clutter with 12d Synergy

Transform your email clutter into a clear and dependable audit trail of all correspondence for all your projects. This saves you time and money, enhances project collaboration and protects you against litigation – it’s a win-win-win!

  • Slash time wasted manually managing email: inbound & outbound emails are stamped with the job number and automatically stored in the project folder.
  • Unlock project information from users’ mailboxes with a Single Source of Truth for all your email, enabling fast and easy access and back-up.
  • Easily find project information embedded in emails with granular searching and intuitive email tracking that links the email, contact details and attachments.
  • Free up your overflowing Outlook inbox by safely deleting messages after uploading them into 12d Synergy, saving diskspace and allowing your Outlook to run faster.
  • Protect yourself and your business from litigation with a dependable audit trail of current and historical email correspondence and attachments.

“One of the biggest issues we had was the number of important emails hiding in individuals’ inboxes. We were never sure if we had the complete chain of correspondence. 12d Synergy was the complete solution for this issue, giving us a single source of truth on files, so we’re always confident we have the latest version.”

Jeff Irving
Survey Director, Baseline Group

Stop with Email Clutter
Start with dependable documentation

Discover what 12d Synergy Email Management can do for you today