CAD Management

12d Synergy enables a single source of truth for all CAD data.  Managing CAD with 12d Synergy gives you the following benefits:

  • CAD plugins; for ease of use.
  • XRef tracking.
  • Version Control & Revision History.
  • Roll back to previous versions.
  • Check-in Check-out system to ensure multiple users can’t write to the same drawing at the same time.
  • Offlining your data to work remotely with no connection.
  • Remote access to work remotely via WAN.

Powerful search to bring up specific drawings stored within 12d Synergy.

CAD management software

CAD Plugins

To make the process of working with CAD easier, 12d Synergy comes with easy to use plugins for popular CAD applications such as:

  • AutoCAD
  • BricsCAD

12d Synergy allows you to check files in and out directly from your supported applications, or even check in or out X-Refs stored in 12d Synergy from your CAD software.

CAD management for BricsCAD and AutoCAD

Full Version Control, Revision History & Roll Back

A complete version control and revision history of your drawings provide you with a rock-solid audit trail.

Everyone has experienced losing changes to a drawing, opening the wrong version, or losing track of which version is the latest on shared drives.

The 12d Synergy check-in check-out feature ensures that you are working on the latest version of a drawing, and ensures that no other user can write to or edit the same file at the same time.  Avoid the risk of transmitting a drawing to a client only to realise the file you have sent is outdated.

12d Synergy will log information on;

  • Who edited the drawing
  • When it was changed
  • Why the changes were made
  • Any other information which you wish to be logged can be customised

12d Synergy also allows you to roll back to any previous versions of your drawings at the click of a button

Version Control for DWG files

Working Remotely and Worksharing

12d Synergy’s remote access tool allows you to check out, edit, and check in any drawing, provided you have a network connection.

This is particularly beneficial when working with contractors, remotely based staff or across multiple offices.

Taking you drawings offline

Take your CAD drawings offsite/out of the office, this allows your team to continue to work on the drawings without holding them up.

You can export your drawing and take It offline, this leaves the dwg in an editable state so your team can continue to work on it.  Whenever you’re back online, 12d Synergy will take care of synchronising your updates with the server and store it in the appropriate place.

This feature is especially beneficially when in the field or onsite with a poor network connection.

Remote Access

For more information regarding remote access, see Regional and Global Worksharing

Share CAD dwg and xrefs remotely

12d Synergy is perfectly suited to a wide variety of industry applications…

Small Business

Time in small business is precious. Let 12d Synergy manage your data, documents and projects with ease so you can get back to what you do best. Small Business Applications >


Larger engineering and design organisations benefit greatly from reduced network load and engineering integrations. Enterprise Applications >


Manage your data and reduce network overload with the only data management system to work with folder based software like 12d Model and TuFlow. Government Applications >