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Smarter CAD Management

How to conquer CAD chaos

Do you want to spend less time managing your CAD data, and more time actually drafting and perfecting your drawings? Our smarter way to manage CAD will maximise your productivity and efficiency

  • Learn how to master CAD chaos
  • Reduce drawing register update times by 90%
  • Simplified Sheet Set Manager
  • Optimised data transfers and Xref tracking
  • Transform your business today
  • Enhance your daily productivity
  • Enjoy the freedom of flexible working
  • Streamline collaboration

Your CAD data problem

Thousands of drawings, representing many gigabytes of data are created for architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) projects.

Many drafters are still trying to manage all of this data the old-school way with clunky spreadsheet routines and network drives. But without a solid grip on your CAD data, time-wasting mistakes slip through.

Files get misnamed, references break, title block data isn’t updated, workflow tasks get skipped and outdated drawing registers are used.

The Chaos of CAD

Your time and money are lost to the inefficient, non-productive time-sucks of manual workflows, chaotic collaboration and error-prone data management:

  • Billable and overtime hours are burned maintaining and updating drawing registers with clunky spreadsheet lisp routines that have to open every DWG individually
  • Time is wasted using manual methods to manage and rebind hundreds of Xrefs when they break
  • Naming rules and folder structure conventions are impossible to enforce, causing batch commands and macros to go haywire

Everything starts to break down without the proper management systems in place:

Painfully-slow network saves and laggy program performance when running CAD over a network drive

Productivity crashes and burns when costly project reworks are triggered by data duplication and version confusion

Give your legal team ulcers because you can’t produce a complete record of all issued drawings in the event of litigation

How can you conquer your backlog and smash deadlines when your productivity and efficiency is suffocated by data management?

That’s why we’ve developed a simpler and smarter way to work on and manage your CAD drawings, including title blocks, sheet sets and drawing registers.

Conquering CAD Chaos with 12d Synergy

New technology is transforming how drafters and civil designers manage CAD, streamlining and automating tedious spreadsheet workflows and clunky lisp routines. With 12d Synergy, you can:

  • Automatically update changes to title block information in your drawings without opening any DWG files, reducing update time by 90%
  • Rename or move DWGs without breaking Xref links as 12d Synergy intuitively recognises the link between your drawings. That means no more Xref rebinds!
  • Streamline CAD management in Excel spreadsheets – simply select a group of DWG files in a spreadsheet and update them without having to open any drawings
  • Manage your sheet sets with a check-in check-out system – sheets sets are automatically updated when changes occur, so everyone is always working on the same, most up-to-date page
  • Easily detect, import and edit attributes in Layouts directly from 12d Synergy using our Layout Editor

Collaborate with Confidence

12d Synergy simplifies collaboration across all offices and remote staff with a single source of truth for all data.

  • Put an end to naming and filing anarchy with enforced rules, ensuring that every drawing and document is appropriately named and filed. This simplifies file searching and ensuring batch routines run smoothly
  • Track the who, what, when and why behind every edit with a complete audit trail, giving you the peace of mind of easy rollback
  • Streamline and lockdown your CAD workflows – ensure that every step is completed seamlessly with our Workflow Engine – learn more

Optimise Your Data Transfers

With 12d Synergy’s local caching technology you get the speed benefits of working off your local drive with the security and peace of mind of centralised back-ups.

Boosted daily productivity and
with faster more responsive
CAD program performance

Get data faster with Intelligent Data Transfer – 12d Synergy delivers only the data that has changed, reducing network strain and transfer wait times

“12d Synergy is excellent. I can open 12d Model projects and CAD files, and it’s super easy to use. It’s also reassuring knowing that I’m accessing the only copy of the data, so there are no duplicates being made.”

Daryl Baynes
Senior Civil Engineer, Woods

Conquer CAD Chaos today

Learn more about managing CAD data with 12d Synergy