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Ending Document Management Mayhem

Transform your document management from an error-prone trust-based system, to one that is centralised and dependable, built specifically for the demands of busy AEC offices.

  • Learn how to take control of your documents
  • Enforce naming and filing conventions
  • Automate job and folder creation
  • Bullet-proof your document transmittals
  • Transform your business today
  • Enhance your daily productivity
  • Enjoy the freedom of flexible working
  • Streamline collaboration

The hard-to-handle beast

Architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) projects have become a hard-to-handle beast of thousands of documents, representing gigabytes of data.

For many AEC businesses, big and small, who don’t manage their documents effectively or efficiently, it’s chaos.

Why your current system doesn’t work

The problem with network drives and consumer-grade file sharing systems is that they leave you reliant on every employee in every office to follow the correct workflow, every time.

But as deadlines mount, backlogs stack and the workload becomes relentless, errors slip through the cracks. Documents get misfiled, misnamed, duplicated, accidentally deleted and lost – it all falls apart. Your office becomes lost in…

Document Management Mayhem

  • Naming rules and folder structures are impossible to enforce as users stubbornly misfile and misname documents
  • Productivity hits roadblocks as critical project documents are inaccessible or lost across local, network and portable drives
  • Collaboration becomes chaotic as version duplicates and project overwrites occur. Does ‘Highway_Design_Final_FINALv7’ look familiar?
  • Your office is forced to play ‘Where’s Wally?’ as slow network drive searching makes finding your documents a job in itself

Poorly managed documents also expose you and your business to serious risks:

Being unable to quickly and easily (if at all) find your historical documents as they’re not centrally accessible

Leaking confidential business documents as unauthorised users may have access to sensitive data

Constant threat of legal penalties for noncompliance with regulations to keep and manage your digital documents for the required 7+ years

This mayhem is all too common in AEC offices. What you need is smarter document management with a single source of truth for all your data and documents.

Find your answers faster!

Document Mayhem Ends with 12d Synergy

Transform how you manage your documents from an error-prone, trust-based system, to one that’s rock-solid and dependable. 12d Synergy takes care of all your inbound and outbound project information, relieving you of the headache of document management.

  • Centralise your data and documents to ensure everyone on the job has easy and immediate access from wherever they are
  • Streamline collaboration and always work on the latest version with a single source of truth and full version control.
  • Ensure all documents are appropriately named and filed with customisable naming rules, simplifying searching and batch routines
  • Automatically maintain your document transmittal register, giving you up-to-date information on what has been sent, who has received it and what version those files were
  • Automate the job creation process with customisable job templates, including tasks, workflows, naming rules and more
  • Automatically embed updates into standard documents with 12d Synergy’s Attributes

“12d Synergy has made my role easier. It has become almost like a project task diary. At any time, I can see where a project is at and what’s been done. It has saved me around 2-4 hours a week in admin, reduced stress, and enabled a better work life balance.”

Annette Sweeney
Principal Environmental Engineer, Good Earth Matters

Put an end to document management mayhem

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