Data Management, Collaboration and Worksharing for the AEC office.

Save time and money when you manage and secure your data with 12d Synergy

Let 12d Synergy do the hard work so you can get on with doing what you do best.

Video Thumbnail12d Synergy Overview; Data Management and Collaboration.

Save time. Save money.

Data management and project collaboration make your office more efficient, which saves your employees time and also saves your organisation money.

“Less than 50 per cent of companies claim to be very confident in the quality of their data”

“75 per cent of organisations have identified costs stemming from dirty data” Journal of Industrial Engineering & Management

Single source of truth

Never worry about misplaced, accidentally deleted, incorrect or outdated data again with rock solid version control, user access controls and efficient search functions.

Email Filing & Search

Automate filing of emails to project folders, remove duplicates and retrieve email quickly

Task Management

Improve your QA processes and project workflows by assigning and prioritising projects tasks for your team.

Document Control and Transmittals

Control the production of documents within your business, ensure you’re working on the latest version and peform transmittals to clients seamlessly.

Enhanced 12d Model data management

Enhance your 12d Model data processes with version control and rollback capabilities, enhanced sharing and customisation management.

Regional and Global workshare

Access documents and data remotely or workshare 12d Model projects in regional and global offices quickly and painlessly

12d Synergy is perfectly suited to a wide variety of industry applications…

Small Business

Time in small business is precious. Let 12d Synergy manage your data, documents and projects with ease so you can get back to what you do best. Small Business Applications >


Larger engineering and design organisations benefit greatly from reduced network load and engineering integrations. Enterprise Applications >


Manage your data and reduce network overload with the only data management system to work with folder based software like 12d Model and TuFlow. Government Applications >