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Streamline Your Worksharing & Collaboration

Transform how you work and collaborate, and unlock regional and global specialist skills with faster data transfers and a single source of truth

  • Learn how to streamline collaboration
  • Break free of your desk and work flexibly
  • How to supercharge your data transfers
  • Simplify project resourcing
  • Transform your business today
  • Enhance your daily productivity
  • Enjoy the freedom of flexible working
  • Streamline collaboration

Are you transferring data across multiple offices?

Architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) businesses, big and small, are facing record demands to mobilise specialist skills and key talent beyond their local office.

Resulting in expensive fly-in fly-outs and relocations to collaborate. For most budgets this isn’t an option. Forcing businesses to hire upon geographical convenience, rather than expertise, dulling their competitive edge.

And with more people working flexible hours, working from home and more jobs being offshored there’s very real pressure to collaborate regionally and globally.

The solution is worksharing, enabling agile digital collaboration between offices, remote staff and contractors irrespective of location.

The problem with worksharing

Collaboration through worksharing demands frequent data transfers between offices and remote staff, and it’s no secret that geospatial data is now massive: 350MB DWGs, 5GB 12d Model projects, 10GB LiDARs and 1TB mobile Laser scans.

To manage this, many businesses have adopted Windows Explorer network drives, VPNs, generic document management systems and consumer-grade cloud sharing solutions.

But these simply can’t handle large geospatial datasets. All data integrity is lost, the result being:

  • Nosediving productivity and time wasted waiting on file transfers, searching endlessly for files and deciphering duplicate versions
  • Collaboration hits roadblocks as project information is inaccessible, siloed across mailboxes, and portable, local and network drives
  • Increased network traffic suffocates your office’s network, crippling everyone’s download and upload speeds
  • Work-life balance suffers, morale plummets and top talent quits as relentless travel finally breaks your team (and your budget)

But there’s a smarter way to manage your data.

Streamline your worksharing and collaboration in and out of the office with a single source of truth for all emails, documents and geospatial data.

Embracing Flexible Worksharing with 12d Synergy

Transform your worksharing and collaboration with faster data transfers and rock-solid data integrity, making your business more productive, agile and robust.

  • Streamlined data transfers – 12d Synergy only transfers the changed files, not the entire project reducing data transfer size by up to 91%
  • Enhance staff productivity by maximising software performance and speeding up data transfer by up to 30x faster for remote staff and 4x faster for on-site users
  • Enable a flexible working culture – seamlessly work from anywhere, and fix problems or make edits without commuting to the office
  • Simplify multi-office collaboration with 12d Synergy’s single source of truth which eliminates inaccessible project data, duplicate versions and project overwrites
  • Further optimise your data transfers to remote offices with file replication servers (FRS) – learn more

The Business Benefits of Worksharing with 12d Synergy

Build teams upon skill not geography by tapping into a global talent pool and enabling an agile workforce

Retain top talent in downtimes by sharing jobs to quieter offices rather than laying off staff

Dramatically reduce overhead costs by minimising travel expenses and employee time wasted on data transfer delays

How to Save $43,200 in 12 Weeks

Project: small, 12-week car park development

  • 320MB project initial data transfer cut from 13 min to 5 min
  • All subsequent transfers took less than 60 seconds
  • Four hours per user, per week time saved

Result: a total of 288 hours and $43,200 saved

“Prior to 12d Synergy, it would take between 30 – 40 minutes to transfer a project between the Sydney and Brisbane offices. With 12d Synergy’s local caching technology, similar projects now open in 1 – 2 minutes. I can work from any office in the country or from home and I know my data will load quickly. Enabling me to make edits without any delays. 12d Synergy saves me a lot of time every day”

Ben Brown
Civil Designer, WSP

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