Project collaboration made easy

Collaborating with staff, contractors and clients on a project in the engineering, architecture and construction industry should be easy, but why are so many businesses in the industry still doing it the hard way?

For many businesses, project collaboration simply means emails. Some have taken it a step further and might have a simple task list software or a full blown project management system.

Here at 12d Synergy we built a project collaboration system from the ground up with your business in mind, which will:

  • Reduce email overload;
  • Give visibility on project progress;
  • And keep a full audit trail of project related discussions.

In addition to giving all your users access to the most up to date data, documents and emails, 12d Synergy lets you collaborate with shared:

  • Tasks
  • Forums
  • Notes

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12d Synergy tasks give managers and colleagues an overview of project progress.

You can see a list of all active tasks in a job, as well as your currently-active or outstanding tasks, as well as tasks assigned to the user. 12d Synergy has a reporting engine that allows greater filtering – e.g. all tasks assigned to a particular user that were assigned in a given period and still outstanding. This is a great tool not just for the users but also project managers, who will be able to drill down through the details of the project to get a real time view of its progress.

Tasks can be assigned to team members, and you can even build an automated workflow for company tasks (such as approval processes).

Tasks may have child tasks and contain rich attribute information which can be customised.

Learn more about 12d Synergy attributes

Tasks may also be associated with files and other tasks so that when that a file associated with a task is changed, 12d Synergy can prompt the user to update the associated task.

If you intend to use the same tasks repeatedly or for similar projects, you can define task types and/or create job templates to instantly set up a project and its associated tasks.

Secure Sharing via email or web

Securely share documents with clients and other external stakeholders by publishing over the web, directly from 12d Synergy. Publishing sensitive files and folders can be secured by adding a password or specifying an expiry date. Best of all, downloads are logged so you know when and who accessed the files.

You can also allow third parties who don’t have access to your 12d Synergy system to upload/submit files that would be too large to send via email and would otherwise require a system like DropBox. This will allow you to securely send and receive documents from clients for tender or review purposes.


If you are sending data to external parties you can utilise 12d Synergy’s Issue Register to track exactly what version of which files are sent, when they were sent, by whom and how.

You can also use the publishing feature to securely send your files over the web, which means that you can know, with confidence, when a client has received and downloaded the issued files.


Sometimes you need to discuss a particular file or folder in a little more detail.

In 12d Synergy, notes can be attached to any file or folder, with the ability to have a conversation with many stakeholders on every document, spreadsheet, email or project file.


12d Synergy supports forums. Each job and sub-job may contain multiple forums. Forums are excellent for creating communities of collaborators. It is a place for collaborators to discuss issues and share knowledge. It reduces emails and promotes conversation.

Forums are great when you need to share general information about a project with your colleagues which may not relate directly to a file or folder, in a more informal setting.

The forums are stored with the job and become another permanent record of correspondence for the audit trail without having to send out yet another email, clogging up inboxes.


When a project deadline is looming, you might want to get real-time updates on work that you really care about as it progresses.

With 12d Synergy, any user can set up automatic notifications on any job, folder, file or task to alert you of changes including:

  • When files or folders are added;
  • When files are checked in or out;
  • When notes are added;
  • When a task is updated or completed;
  • And when a 12d Model project has been changed.

Works where you are

12d Synergy can work on your local network or using any Internet connection, as long as your infrastructure supports it.

Using trusted encryption and compression technology, you will always have access to the single, secure source of truth for your priceless business data, no matter where you are.


For surveyors and other team members visiting remote mines, remote road construction projects or other places without Internet connectivity, 12d Synergy can check out files or folders for offline use.  Therefore if your working in a location with either unreliable or no internet, you can still work with the 12d Synergy system.