Innovations and Obstacles in Modern Water Design

Presented by Mal Peaker

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Illustration of land surveyors with equipment, mapping out land.

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Session Overview

In an era where water engineering demands greater precision and innovation than ever before, Mal Peaker, a seasoned expert at 12d Solutions, brings his 25 years of experience to the forefront. 

Join us as Mal explores his journey from early adoption to mastering water-based projects with 12d Model. Learn how today’s businesses are navigating the challenges posed by the AR&R 2019 hydrology guidelines, talent shortages, AI and the complexities of dynamic water modelling. Mal will share his expert advice on overcoming these obstacles, optimising your water design processes, and addressing project hurdles by harnessing the power of 12d Model and 12d Synergy.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Adapting to AR&R 2019 hydrology guidelines for improved water modelling
  • Why data mastery is needed to overcome challenges such as model instability and flow reversals
  • How 12d Synergy solves common issues like lost emails, data tracking, and revision control
  • Techniques for handling complex projects, leveraging detailed visualisations, and delivering projects faster with 12d Model

Session Details

Available on demand

Duration: 28 minutes
Cost: Free

About the Presenter

Shane Machon 12d Synergy Staff Portrait

Mal Peaker

Support and Development
12d Solutions (Water)

Mal has 25 years of industry experience covering land development, local and state government projects. A little over 10 years specifically focused on 1d and 2d Stormwater modelling projects, many of which were using 12d Model. Mal now handles support and training for our water users and writes macros for 12d.