Common Data Environment for Surveyors

Presented by Mitch McPherson

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Session Overview

CDE requirements are often led by digital engineering teams and project management. Although they consult the different managerial roles on a project, it’s extremely hard to find a system that meets the needs of all parties. This is due to the fact that on any given project there is a wide range of skills and professions with unique needs and workflows. As a result, not every department on a project will have the best solution for them, and in my experience, it’s often the survey manager that receives the bad news. This is where we need to consider the ecosystem of Common Data Environments, specifically WIP CDE – or Work In Progress Common Data Environment.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How surveyors can successfully leverage a WIP Common Data Environment
  • Common problems that surveyors face and how a CDE can solve them
  • Things to consider when selecting a CDE for your business
  • Main benefits & outcomes from the implementation of a CDE

Session Details

Available on demand

Duration: 23 minutes
Cost: Free

About the Presenter

Mitch McPherson joined 12d Synergy in 2017 and immediately became an invaluable member of our team. Now in the role of National Sales Manager, he helps engineering and construction clients throughout Australia achieve improved business function and improved profitability through the use of common data environments.

Mitch McPherson

Mitch McPherson

National Sales Manager, 12d Synergy

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