CAD Across Borders: Premise’s Approach to Unified Workflows

Presented by Andrew Langdon

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Session Overview

In the ever-evolving landscape of engineering and design, the ability to efficiently manage CAD workflows is essential for teams spread across multiple locations, be it different offices, regions, or countries. This session, led by Andrew Langdon, Principal Civil Designer & Design Technology Lead at Premise, dives deep into the pressing issues that many in the field encounter but often struggle to overcome. Langdon brings to light the real-life struggles faced at Premise: the struggle with slow VPN access for remote CAD file management, the constant battle with outdated data, and the complexities of coordinating CAD workflows across multiple office locations. It’s a story many in the industry will find familiar and insightful, particularly for those grappling with similar issues in their organisations. Langdon offers valuable insights and practical strategies, providing an essential guide for anyone looking to improve their CAD workflow management and master effective collaboration in a multi-office setup.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Master strategies for overcoming slow VPN
  • Learn how to ensure data accuracy and avoid the pitfalls of zipping/outdated CAD files
  • Discover effective methods for collaboration across multiple office CAD projects
  • Understand advanced techniques for effective backup solutions and data restoration processes
  • Explore faster and easier ways of managing CAD title block templates, outperforming sheet set manager

Session details:

Available on demand
Duration: 10 minutes
Cost: Free

About the Presenters

Andrew Langdon

Andrew Langdon

Principal Civil Designer & Design Technology Lead, Premise

Andrew Langdon is a Principal Civil Designer & Design Technology Lead at Premise. His career spans over 15 years with extensive experience in industry-related software and technical design. A keen problem solver and team player, Andrew is responsible for ongoing group leadership and staff training in his role.

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