Water Engineering:
How to Save Time & Reduce Errors

Presented by Geoff Thompson

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Illustration of land surveyors with equipment, mapping out land.

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Session Overview

Are you struggling with the complexities of water network design? Join Geoff Thompson, a pioneer in water engineering software, as he reveals the keys to mastering this field. Discover how Geoff tackles the toughest challenges in water engineering, from simplifying intricate design processes to ensuring data accuracy and meeting stringent regulatory standards. Explore how 12d Model and 12d Synergy are transforming these challenges into opportunities with their innovative tools and user-friendly solutions, empowering designers to work more efficiently. Gain valuable insights into the future of water engineering software–how it is revolutionising the industry, and the importance of creating tools that are both powerful and accessible.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Evolution of 12d Model, its detailed design and analysis features, and advanced water tools
  • Importance of providing tools for informed decision-making in water engineering
  • Introduction to new tools like Quick Water Network for efficient design
  • Challenges in water engineering, including new Australian standards
  • Optimising software for large-scale projects, enhancing speed and efficiency

Session Details

Available on demand

Duration: 18 minutes
Cost: Free

About the Presenter

Shane Machon 12d Synergy Staff Portrait

Geoff Thompson

Water Resources Engineer, 12d Solutions

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