Information Management Across the Asset Lifecycle

Presented by Tom Neighbours

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Session Overview

Explore the complexities and challenges of information management across the asset lifecycle within the digital engineering and construction industry in an insightful session with Tom Neighbours, Digital Engineering Specialist at 12d Synergy. This webinar explores practical solutions for overcoming data interoperability and how effective data management can help build and retain asset value throughout the project lifecycle. You’ll also learn about the role of GIS in project management, and the impact of industry-wide standards like ISO 19650. The ultimate goal? Seamless collaboration across multiple platforms, phases, and disciplines.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Tips for effectively managing assets across the entire project lifecycle
  • The keys to successful information management, ensuring consistent data management across different platforms and software
  • Navigating the complexities of data interoperability in multi-disciplinary projects
  • Understanding and implementing standards like ISO 19650 for project efficiency
  • Leveraging GIS and 12d Synergy for enhanced asset lifecycle management and value

Session details:

Available: On demand
Duration: 14 minutes
Cost: Free

About the Presenter

Tom Neighbours

Tom Neighbours

Digital Engineering Specialist, 12d Synergy

Tom is a digital information management and geospatial data delivery specialist. Having worked in GIS, Survey and Engineering across New Zealand and the UK, he helps solve complex problems by supporting integrated, innovative solutions for clients in the wider AEC Industry. Tom has a collaborative, ecosystem approach to projects and information, creating a cohesive work environment for people and clients. His experience includes over 6 years at Aurecon focusing on BIM, spatial data management and geospatial consulting. When he’s not delivering CDE and digital engineering solutions in the UK, Europe and Middle East, Tom is playing sports and enjoying the outdoors.

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