Efficiency Through Innovation: SMEC’s 6-year 12d Model Macro Initiative

Presented by Joshua Allison

Available on demand

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Session Overview

Join us for an engaging and enlightening webinar hosted by Joshua Allison, Digital Engineering Practice Lead at SMEC. In this session, Joshua will share the riveting story of SMEC’s journey from modifying a single 12d macro to developing a robust suite of over 70 macros that have revolutionised their operations. This innovation has proven its worth with over 153,000 uses, saving an estimated 26,000 hours and 1.86 million dollars. Joshua will delve into the power of 12d macros and the incredible potential they unlock in the realm of digital engineering, providing real-life examples of how these macros have streamlined workflows and significantly increased efficiency.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand the concept and value of a 12d macro.
  • Discover the power of macros in bypassing limitations, accessing the model’s database effectively, and creating and modifying attributes and properties at all levels.
  • Uncover the time-saving potential of 12d macros through practical examples from SMEC’s experience.
  • Understand how to edit an existing macro and the resources available for learning more.
  • Learn how SMEC has supercharged their macro development process using 12d Synergy for version control and access limitation.

Session Details

Available on demand

Duration: 27 minutes
Cost: Free

About the Presenter

Joshua Allison is a seasoned professional in the field of digital engineering and serves as the Digital Engineering Practice Lead at SMEC. His extensive knowledge, experience, and passion for innovation have led to the development of a powerful suite of macros that have made significant improvements to the efficiency and effectiveness of workflows at SMEC. Joshua’s practical approach to teaching, combined with his industry insights, make this session a must-attend for those seeking to harness the power of 12d Macros in their own work.

Joshua Allison

Joshua Allison

Digital Engineering Practice Lead, SMEC

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