Data Tracking Success:
0 Errors, 80,000 Project Changes For Southern Land

Presented by Grant Wandel

Available on demand

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Session Overview

Join us as we unravel the remarkable success story of Southern Land Development’s Clearview Wanaka project in New Zealand. Faced with the threat of data errors and high administrative costs in managing a complex land development project, Southern Land’s timely adoption of 12d Synergy revolutionised their data tracking and project management, thereby ensuring seamless execution.

Presented by Grant Wandel, a seasoned Surveyor/Civil Designer, this webinar provides an in-depth understanding of how Southern Land was able to automate processes, limit drafting time, maintain flexibility for changes, and ensure reliable quality assurance from concept through to project delivery. With 12d Synergy in place, they successfully managed an astounding 80,000 project changes without any errors, establishing a resilient workflow even in the face of an unexpected lockdown situation. Learn from their experience and equip yourself with the knowledge to similarly supercharge your own projects.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Streamline project creation and file handling with 12d Synergy and Workflow Max
  • How to manage everything from populating title blocks to handling construction data using 12d Synergy and 12d Model
  • Application of advanced engineering design techniques using 12d Model
  • How data and version management efficiency can be improved using 12d Synergy
  • Efficiently adapt designs to deliver better outcomes for clients.

Session details:

Available on demand
Duration: 36 minutes
Cost: Free

About the Presenter

Grant Wandel portrait

Grant Wandel

Surveyor / Civil Designer, Southern Land, Wanaka

Grant is a Surveyor/Civil designer that has worked on a broad range of infrastructure and development projects. He has worked in Australia, Canada and New Zealand as a surveyor. Grant is now responsible for leading the design of civil infrastructure for land developments for Southern Land in Wanaka, NZ. Grant has been a 12D user throughout his career.

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