Hosting 12d Synergy in the Cloud

Presented by Iain Billington

Available on demand

12d Synergy cloud hosting illustration

Session Overview

In 2018, the pivotal decision to set up 12d Synergy for the Piritahi alliance offered two main options: 1. On-premise or 2. Cloud. Now, the innovation continues with a third, groundbreaking option: 12d Synergy Cloud. This webinar delves into the IT behind Piritahi Alliance and the Kāinga Ora Land Development project, showcasing how Piritahi was able to set up and execute a massive project using 12d Synergy in the cloud. In this quick 15 minute session, Iain Billington simplifies complex technicalities into understandable terms, providing a detailed understanding of how using 12d Synergy in the cloud can save time, money, and enhance overall project efficiency. Using real-world experiences from the Piritahi alliance, discover the journey of setting up 12d Synergy and what switching to the cloud could mean for you.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Basics of how Synergy works and its core functionalities
  • Rapid project startup techniques: getting your projects off the ground efficiently
  • Key considerations when setting up Synergy on new projects
  • A simplified case study of Piritahi’s setup
  • Understanding the benefits of single sign-on
  • Exploring server options for 12d Synergy and weighing the pros and cons of each

Session Details

Available on demand

Duration: 15 minutes
Cost: Free

About the Presenters

Iain Billington

Iain Billington

IT JV and Alliance Specialist, Tonkin + Taylor (Piritahi Alliance)

Iain is an IT specialist with over 20 years of experience in IT systems design, support and management. He has served as the IT manager for New Zealand’s largest infrastructure projects and has delivered IT systems for engineering projects and natural disaster response throughout Asia Pacific.

Iain has empowered teams of technical staff with innovative data collection methods and data analysis tools to support rapid response to clients, Governments and aid organisations.

He is currently the IT manager for Auckland’s City Rail Link, Wellington’s Te Ara Tupua, Auckland Light Rail and specialist consultant to the Piritahi project. He is an industry leader in providing technology to joint venture and alliance projects and is an advisor to NZ central government on IT design, cybersecurity and records management for major projects.

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