12d Technical Forum 2018

Introducing…the 12d International Technical Forum! We’ve recently received some feedback suggesting that calling our big biennial event a Conference doesn’t adequately capture how very technical the sessions are, and just how much information is packed into those three days! So we’ve decided to give it a new name to better describe just how full your brain is going to be by the end of 31st July…join us for the best value 12d learning experience we can offer, in Brisbane, this July!

12d Technical Forum 2018 Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre 29-31 July 2018

Industry Solutions Webinars

These webinars provide insights into overcoming challenges in an evolving industry in more effective and efficient ways. These sessions will be less technical than the Training sessions, and are suitable for managers and non-users of 12d Synergy.

Training Webinars

These sessions showcase common industry challenges and take a close look at industry best practices and how these can be implemented using 12d Synergy. The aim of these webinars is to upskill 12d Synergy users and broaden their understanding of the capabilities of 12d Synergy.

What to Expect

These webinars can be seen as a “Lunch and Learn” opportunity, with sessions beginning at 1pm (Sydney time). You’ll be able to register for these online, and ask questions of the presenter during each webinar (questions will be answered live at the end of the session if there’s time, or answers emailed to attendees later if necessary).

TitleDateStart TimeRegister
Industry Solutions: 12d Technical Forum 2018 – Review

12d Solutions Managing Director, Dr Lee Gregory, will give a brief summary of some of the topics covered at our 12d International Technical Forum 2018, held in the Grey Street section (Boulevard Level) of Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on Sunday 29th, Monday 30th, and Tuesday 31st July 2018. He will also reveal the winners of the 12d International Innovation Awards 2018, and some other interesting titbits you might have missed!


Please note: Attendance at this Webinar is free of charge.

9 Aug, 20181:00pm AESTRegister