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by | Apr 4, 2017

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The Toowoomba Second Range Crossing project was awarded to Nexus Infrastructure in August 2015 to design, construct, operate and maintain the 41km bypass. Engineering firms, WSP and Aurecon formed the APB TSRC Joint Venture to deliver the detailed design for Nexus Delivery.

Toowoomba Second Range Crossing – 12d International Conference

The Toowoomba Second Range Crossing – TSRC, is the largest Commonwealth Government commitment to a single project in Queensland history.  Valued at $1.6 billion, the project addresses a recognised constraint in the road network.

Currently the Land Transport network goes through the heart of Toowoomba’s CBD.The TSRC will provide a much needed second crossing in this region. The aim is to provide a safer, faster, more efficient route to connect freight to major ports and markets, whilst significantly improving community and driver safety by removing heavy vehicles from the CBD.

Project facts:

  • 41 Kilometers starting at Warrego Highway in the east, concluding at Gore Highway in the west.
  • 4 lane motorway linking the Warrego Highway east and west interchanges.
  • 2 lane highway from the western Warrego Highway interchange through to the Gore Highway.
  • Connection to the Toowoomba CBD and New England highway provided by a diamond interchange.
  • Connection to Wellcamp Airport provided by a diamond interchange at Toowoomba-Cecil Plains Rd.
  • 30 meter deep cutting in the top of the range to allow for heavy vehicles access.
  • New England Highway overpass, positioned at the top of the cutting.
  • 800 meter long viaduct which raises the road on approach to the cutting.

“The Toowoomba Second Range Crossing project when finished will provide an expansion to the National Land Transport Network.  It will provide a safer and faster route for connecting freight to major ports and markets.  The local Toowoomba community will also benefit by the removal of heavy vehicles from the central business district.  12d Model and 12d Synergy are helping provide these benefits to the community.” – Travis March, WSP | Parsons Brinkerhoff


12d Synergy Diagram landscape Layout


Data Management and Collaboration

During the design phase the project had both home offices based in Brisbane working on the project as well as regional offices in Toowoomba, Cairns and Newcastle.  12d Model users are given full access with Advanced Data Management, this ensures that there are no copies of data sets and it is accessible as if all users are based in the project office.

Over 35 advanced data management users on 12d Synergy have used the software to manage 12d Model, GIS information, Autodesk’s Navisworks and Civil3D as well as XPSWMM.  In the project 6 main folders have been set to work with these file types.  These folders are broken down into Erosion Settlement Control, Environment, Geotech, ITS, PUP, Roads, Structures, External Data and Survey.

Previously the GIS team would not be able to work on a document or data management system (DMS). Due to the complexities of the various folders and file types.  In the past they would have to store their information on a network, most likely at the home organisation, as a result they were somewhat detached from the project.  12d Synergy’s managed folders has allowed for the GIS team to work within the project’s data management system.

Autodesk Navisworks and Civil3D folders are stored within 12d Synergy as well.  Autodesk Navisworks visualises the different design elements with all the disciplines.  XPSMM is used to model the hydraulic requirements of culverts by simulating various rainfall events to determine catchment runoff, and storage and cross drainage flows.  XPSWMM creates various file types as well, once again 12d Synergy’s managed folders are being used to handle complexity of these files.

Email Management

Another 85 general users have access to 12d Synergy to manage their emails.  The email management function works via an outlook plugin.Aurecon and WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff were able to integrate the system into their Outlook Exchange servers, without the need for IT or changing email addresses.

Custom attributes have been set up for emails within 12d Synergy so, when the user sends or receives an email, depending on their set up, they will be prompted to follow their email.  Two mandatory fields have been set up “area” (east, central, west, local roads) and the other being the specified discipline. These attributes allow the team to easily filter, group and search emails within Synergy.  At the time of the 2016 12d Conference the TSRC team had stored over 26000 emails on 12d Synergy.

Version Control and Rollback

The greatest benefit to the TSRC is the data history function.  Every time a 12d Model project is checked in the history log is updated.  Users on the TSRC are prompted to provide an updated description to keep track of the project.  If a member of staff is away, another member can jump into that role and see exactly where the project is at.  The greatest benefit of this is the insurance that the roll back feature and version control provides.  This rules out risks of working on outdated data and should they need to rollback to a previous version for whatever reason it can be completed seamlessly.

12d Synergy has helped manage all 12d Model data in a secure, centrally located data sourcethat is accessible by both Aurecon and WSP staff.  This allows for data to be shared seamlessly without any troublesome copied data sets or slow network connections.


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