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Streamlined Data Management for Surveyors

Book My Demo 12d Synergy for Surveyors Streamlined Data Management & Collaboration on the Sydney B-Line Project The Sydney B-Line project is a rapid double-decker bus network providing services between Mona Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Sydney’s CBD. The $234 million project was awarded to Fulton Hogan by Transport for NSW in 2016. The… Read more »

Consumer Grade-Cloud Based Tools Corrupting 12d Model Data

Consumer Grade – Cloud Based Tools Corrupting 12d Model Data Have you corrupted your 12d Model data or at risk at corrupting your 12d Model data by mismanaging your 12d Model Projects? Corrupt data typically occurs when transferring or managing your project data with “consumer grade” cloud solutions.  Think of products such as DropBox, Box,… Read more »

Just How Safe Are Your 12d Model Projects From Data Corruption?

Just How Safe Are Your 12d Model Projects From Data Corruption? Picture this…You have sent the surveyors out to the field. Two weeks pass. After some hard weather and rough days, they have painstakingly collected all the data needed. Terrain, boundaries, trees, structures. Everything. The trigger is just about to be pulled on the design… Read more »

Woods: Faster data transfer for international collaboration

Woods is a wholly New Zealand, employee-owned, multi-disciplinary consultancy with a primary office located in Auckland and a secondary office located in Christchurch.  Established in 1970, Woods has now grown to become a substantial consultancy with a team of 120 specialists providing services ranging from urban design and engineering to planning and surveying.

How to solve the worksharing problems of managing multiple AEC offices

How to solve the logistical problems of managing multiple AEC offices Are you pulling your hair out? Are you stressing over deadlines while you wait for that tediously long 15-minute file transfer to come through? You’re not alone. Distributed environments lead to large data sets being regularly transferred between offices. This results in frustratingly slow… Read more »

5 reasons you need a centralised data management system

5 reasons you need a centralised data management system 1. Data Integrity. Worksharing and collaborating between different offices is inevitable.  As one office exceeds capacity, specialist skills from other offices will be required.  Without a centralised system, businesses often experience issues such as: •  Duplicate data as files are copied and shared. •  Corrupt data… Read more »

LD Eng: Quality Assurance Solution

LD Eng now use 12d Synergy to manage their business and of course all of their data. The system is at the core of their Quality Assurance system and has also been used as a tool to implement flexible working conditions with 12d Synergy’s remote access functionality.

What is a Document Management System (DMS)?

Worksharing and Collaborating

What is a Document Management System (DMS)? Document Management, also known as a DMS or Document Management System, are computer software systems which are designed to store, track and manage documents and information in an electronic form.  DMS systems are essentially an electronic filing cabinet for all of your data and documents. Document Management Systems… Read more »

9 things you need from your Data Management Software

9 Things You Need From Your Data Management Software When considering data and document management software (DMS) for your Engineering Consultancy or Surveying Firm, it’s important to have a clear idea on what you need from your DMS.  Different data management software packages have a range of different features, and are tailored to achieve different… Read more »