Woods: Faster data transfer for international collaboration

by | May 23, 2018

Reference: www.woods.co.nz

Woods is a wholly New Zealand, employee-owned, multi-disciplinary consultancy with a primary office located in Auckland and a secondary office located in Christchurch.  Established in 1970, Woods has now grown to become a substantial consultancy with a team of 120 specialists providing services ranging from urban design and engineering to planning and surveying.

Faster Data Transfer for International Collaboration

Woods was looking for a document management system to improve its file handling and business processes.  It had initially deployed Union Square to handle financial documents and some admin files.  But the system couldn’t handle engineering project files and the kind of advanced data management that Woods needed.

There were things that they simply couldn’t do with their current software.  “We’d have to zip up 12d Model projects and email them or share via Dropbox, which wasn’t practical. Working from our network drive was clunky and error-prone, with the risk of duplicate data,” explains Daryl Baynes, Senior Civil Engineer.

Daryl was working from Brussels, making swifter and more seamless data sharing even higher priority.

The Solution

Woods found it easy to implement 12d Synergy. The IT department set up the system for 12d Model and user library files.  The team has found it simple to use.  Users only need to know how to check in and out a document.

“(12d) Synergy is excellent.  I can get data easily, I can open 12d Model projects and CAD files, and it’s super easy to use.  It’s also reassuring knowing that I’m accessing the only copy of the data, so there are no duplicates being made.”Daryl Baynes, Senior Civil Engineer


Data Transfer

Faster, Easier Data Transfer

With 12d Synergy, project files that previously took hours to transfer can now be updated in minutes, as only changed data gets copied.  Intelligent data transfer can save 90% of data transfer, whether in a single office or multi-office environment.


Version Control
Full Version Control, No Duplication

12d Synergy’s check in, check out version control system leaves a clear and complete audit trail so changes aren’t lost, and new work can’t be accidentally overwritten.  It avoids duplication, saving server space and bandwidth, and making backups much quicker.


Remote Access

Enabling Flexitime

12d Synergy makes it easy for staff to work from home, avoiding rush hour traffic and commuting times.  It also enables people to move interstate and overseas, but still remain productive team members


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