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Streamlined Data Management for Surveyors

Book My Demo 12d Synergy for Surveyors Streamlined Data Management & Collaboration on the Sydney B-Line Project The Sydney B-Line project is a rapid double-decker bus network providing services between Mona Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Sydney’s CBD. The $234 million project was awarded to Fulton Hogan by Transport for NSW in 2016. The… Read more »

Webinar: 12d Synergy and 12d View on the Sydney B-Line Project

Webinar: 12d Synergy and 12d View on the Sydney B-Line Project Michael Connor, Survey Manager of Fulton Hogan, will reveal in an exclusive webinar how he and his team successfully used 12d Synergy and 12d View on the Sydney B-Line project. The webinar will feature the highlights from Michael’s previous presentation at the Survey ‘Birds… Read more »

NorthConnex Update: Tackling a Data Tsunami

NorthConnex Update: David Mares and Matthew Monk

Watch the full video NorthConnex Update: Tackling a Data Tsunami The NorthConnex project involves the surveying, design and construction of Australia’s longest and deepest tunnelled motorway. The road tunnel project located in Sydney’s north-west will connect the M2 Motorway in West Pennant Hills and the M1 Pacific Motorway in Wahroonga. When completed the tunnel will… Read more »

Just How Safe Are Your 12d Model Projects From Data Corruption?

Just How Safe Are Your 12d Model Projects From Data Corruption? Picture this…You have sent the surveyors out to the field. Two weeks pass. After some hard weather and rough days, they have painstakingly collected all the data needed. Terrain, boundaries, trees, structures. Everything. The trigger is just about to be pulled on the design… Read more »

Building NorthConnex: Australia’s Largest Tunnelled Motorway

Building the NorthConnex

Built by a joint venture between Lendlease Engineering and Bouygues Construction Australia (LLBJV), early work started in February 2015 and the first tunneling work started in April 2016.
The scale of the NorthConnex project, and the densely-populated region in which it is situated, presented a number of unique challenges throughout design, surveying and construction.

NorthConnex: Innovations in Engineering Surveying

NorthConnex is a significant infrastructure project that will connect two of Sydney’s major motorways, the M1 and M2. This project will provide a segue between Sydney’s primary route north of the city to Newcastle and beyond. It will create twin motorway tunnels around 9 kilometres in length stretching from West Pennant Hills (M2) to Wahroonga… Read more »

Eliot Sinclair: Document Management

Christchurch company Eliot Sinclair led the charge and implemented 12d Synergy with all of their staff, both technical and administrative to manage their project files, tasks and email correspondence.

“From a user’s point of view the integration into Microsoft office products, email client and 12d Model is seamless. At a click of a buttom emails are stored and retrieved and documents checked in and out from the database. Being able to access the information store from any computer that has the client application installed and connection to the internet is brilliant. The task scheduling features that allow assigning work to team members and dend out reminders and track progress are one of the latest additions.”

CLS: Release the Shackles of Data and Document Administration

Clark Land Surveyors is a surveying and land development consultancy, based in Christchurch, New Zealand. The company undertakes a range of work, from subdivisions to commercial construction projects. Its team includes three licensed surveyors and two survey technicians. Download the full case study PDF Release the Shackles of Data and Document Administration Since the devastating… Read more »

Interview with Mainland Surveying

Scott Williams, Managing Director of Mainland Surveying provides sheds light on how 12d Synergy has transformed his business in this interview.

Reduce your Document and Data Administration

Reducing paperwork with 12d Synergy

Stop Drowning in Document Administration and Project Data Clark Land Surveyors is a surveying and land development consultancy based in Christchurch, New Zealand.  They recently undertook a scheme to digitise their archived project files, resulting in the surveying firm saving time and money, whilst providing them with piece of mind. The devastating Christchurch earthquake of… Read more »