NorthConnex: Innovations in Engineering Surveying

by | Oct 10, 2017

NorthConnex is a significant infrastructure project that will connect two of Sydney’s major motorways, the M1 and M2. This project will provide a segue between Sydney’s primary route north of the city to Newcastle and beyond. It will create twin motorway tunnels around 9 kilometres in length stretching from West Pennant Hills (M2) to Wahroonga (M1) with a height clearance of 5.3 metres and long-term capacity for 3 lanes.

Syncing up to an Innovative Surveying Project

NorthConnex surveyors from Bouygues Construction and Lend Lease are using the 12d Field surveying application on their tablet PCs. 12d Synergy was adopted to manage the Central Database Model (CDM) and Synchronise data from the CDM to the Surveyor’s tablet PC.

The implementation process was rapid, with training delivered in three stages to accommodate the hectic work schedule.

The design models are received from the consultants, loaded into 12d Synergy and integrated into the (CDM) by the survey managers. Each project has complete version control and full audit history of each change with rollback ability. Data synchronisation from the CDM to surveyor’s tablets can be configured to perform overnight or on demand, and the survey manager is notified when the data has successfully been synchronised.

When surveyors return from the field and dock their tablet PCs, data such as built surveys, Quality Assurance (QA) reports and 12d field files (the surveyors electronic field book) which includes all instrument measurements are automatically pulled back into the 12d Synergy system. This data proceeds through the QA process and can be integrated back into the CDM by the Survey Managers.

Additionally, individual tasks for the survey team can be assigned and managed through 12d Synergy.

The project was the overall winner at the 12d International Innovation Awards in 2016.

Watch: NorthConnex: Innovations in Engineering Surveying – 12d Synergy Case Study



Centralised Data Management
Centralised Data Model

All data, documents and emails were centralised under a single source of truth. This enables the data to become a live as-built model which is controlled, backed up and tracked.



Data Sync
Data Synchronisation

Created a simple and reliable custom solution for uploading and downloading data from the field to the central data model. 12d Data Synchronization standardises and automates data submission enabling both online and offline collection of data.



Quality Assurance
Complete Audit Trail on 12d Model Data

12d Synergy automatically created a complete digital audit trail for all data, documents, email correspondence through using Attributes.



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