Milton Services: Data Management for Small Consultants

by | Oct 9, 2017

Small Business Leveraging Data Management for Competitive Advantage

Milton Services, Adelaide provides a wide range of consulting services to the civil design and construction industry. Milton Services’ specialties include civil design and drafting, construction and project management, right through to as-built surveys and quantity calculations.

As the business continued to grow and diversify Paul began to notice the issues of data management across different sources. The lack of a version control solution was also presenting issues for Milton Services when working on projects.

No connected system existed that linked all their sources of data, which included: email, project management software (WorkflowMax), accounting software (Xero), CAD, GIS, and 12d Model project data. “Most other solutions don’t have managed folders which GIS packages require” Paul noted.

The lack of connectedness meant that finding the right file or folder when required was challenging. This issue was made even more problematic by the increasing number of projects that required Paul to access data remotely to collaborate with clients and contractors. All of these challenges meant that he was spending more time on administrative tasks – a significant burden on a small business.

The Solution

12d Synergy enabled Milton Services to intelligently manage their data files from a range of sources, including 12d Model, CAD, GIS and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook).

Data and documents associated with projects now became traceable. This traceability provided peace of mind for both Milton Services and their clients, and meant that quality assurance processes could be fulfilled, and project data secure.

“12d Synergy has allowed me to take on projects that clients need completed onsite, that previously I wasn’t able to bid for. I can now prove that I have a reliable data management system off site, and win more work” Paul Milton Director – Milton Services



Data Management
Complete Data Management

12d Synergy enables Milton Services to improve productivity by better managing project data from 12d Model, CAD, GIS, and Microsoft Office files, including email correspondence.




Document Management
Competitive Advantage for Small Business

Having the ability to version control all project data, while seamlessly integrating with WorkflowMax project management and Xero accounting software, means that Paul can spend more time on making his clients happy, and less time on administrative tasks.


remote access
Working Remotely on Projects

Another benefit for implementing 12d Synergy software solution was the increased flexibility of working locations – staff are now able to enjoy wider access to 12d Model and project data whether they are working on-site with clients, or working from home.



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