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Intelligent Data Transfer

12d Synergy’s Intelligent Data Transfer reduces your project data by 91%, increasing network speed and reducing bandwidth requirements.

Data Management for Small Consultants

Email Management

Data Management for Small Consultants 12d Synergy has enabled small to medium sized consultancies to improve productivity by better managing project data from 12d Model, CAD, GIS and Microsoft office files, including email correspondence.  Having the ability to version control all project data, while seamlessly integrating with WorkflowMax project management and Xero accounting software, means… Read more »

12d Synergy; Overview

12d Synergy; data management and project collaboration for the architecture engineering and Construction office, simply easier. A big problem in an AEC office is there are lots of busy people surveyors, Engineers, project managers and many other stakeholders such as clients who may want access or changes to designs reports and drawings.  Naturally lots of… Read more »