Offline Data Mode: 12d Synergy 4.3 Part 3

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12d Synergy 4.3 introduces a range of exciting new features designed to increase the efficiency and mobility of your data management. This article is the third in our seven-part series exploring these features: what they do, their benefits and how to use them. In this post you’ll learn about 12d Synergy 4.3’s new Offline Data Mode which simplifies working both online and offline with your data.   

You can also read about the other features in 12d Synergy 4.3 including Folders Templates, 12d Model Management, CAD Management, CAD to PDF Publishing and Internal Issuing.

12d Synergy’s Offline Data Management allows users to work with their data from anywhere in the world, regardless of their internet connectivity. You can take your every kilobyte of data offline; whether you’re reviewing documents on a flight or in the field with a 12d Model project.  It gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, streamlining your workflow between the office and the field.

Offline Mode allows users to download their data onto their local drive, and have it locked on the master server while they work offline. This eliminates the dangers (and stress) of duplicate files and rework caused by miscommunication.

Offline Data  Mode – Optimising Your Offline Workflows

12d Synergy 4.3 - Offline Data Mode

Locating offline data can quickly become messy in File Explorer, especially when this data is shared across multiple laptops and computers. So, we’ve fixed it.

With Offline Data Mode in 4.3, you can instantly and easily locate your offline data both in 12d Synergy and File Explorer. This gives you instant context to your data, identifying where your offlined files live within your 12d Synergy job tree and folder structure, in addition to its project attributes.

You can master every step of our new Offline Data Mode in the video below:


To view your offlined data, simply select the 12d Synergy icon in the top ribbon and click ‘View Offline’

12d Synergy 4.3 - Opening 'View Offline' Panel

Your offlined 12d Model project will then be displayed in a panel within a ‘mini’ job tree and with a preview image.

In addition to this, it will display all your project attributes such as Project Number, Client, Site Address, Designer Name (just to name a few).

Our new Offline Data Management lets you combine mobility with efficiency by simplifying your workflow whichever site you’re working at. A win-win.

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