3 Ways the 12d Synergy Team Is Seamlessly Working From Work

by | May 8, 2020

From the head office, to the home office… how things can change in a matter of weeks! As the world tackles the COVID-19 pandemic and adapts to the subsequent lockdowns, the entire 12d Synergy team has ‘Checked In’ to working from home.

#HomeOffice Mode Activated

Across Australia and New Zealand, 12d Synergy team members have transformed their kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms into their ‘home-office’. From Development and Training to Support and Sales, we’ve been collaborating daily across our ‘home-offices’, laser-focused on helping our new and existing users work from home with 12d Synergy.

We’re now about two months in; and while our tracksuit pants and Zoom background games have been strong, what’s been stronger is our seamless shift to communicating and collaborating remotely. Thanks to 12d Synergy software, it’s been business as usual…Buckle in. This is the (epic) story of how our whole company have transitioned to working from home. Enjoy!


The 12d Synergy Bunch

1. Working Remotely with Our Own Product – 12d Synergy!

We’re lucky enough to be using very own our product (that’s mastered remote working) everyday! With 12d Synergy, we’ve streamlined how we work with faster data transfers, rock-solid security and a single source of truth. As a cloud-based business, we’re also using our own 12d Synergy Cloud.

2. Zoom for One More?

To keep us connected, we’ve upped our communications by rolling out Zoom and Microsoft Teams – helping us onboard two new members to the team! We’ve also placed an emphasis on face-to-face webcam communication; featured in everything from our all staff meetings to our recent ‘Zoom Zumba’ participation (that’s right!).

3. (Virtual!) Social Events 

During these unique times, we’ve embraced our strong values on work/life balance and flexibility in the way we work. This includes our virtual Friday drinks (however the drinks aren’t so virtual!), online Lunch and Learns, and team game nights (Quake Life, of course!). Not only has this helped us let off steam (shooting rocket launchers during game nights!) but connected the team in a COVID-19 world.

Helping You Work from Home

Throughout the working from home journey, the 12d Synergy team has embraced one of our key values: Customers at the Soul. To help Australian and New Zealand businesses productivity work from home, we’re providing complimentary access to 12d Synergy for new users, and special offers for existing users.

We’re extremely proud of the positive response to this offer so far, helping over 2000+ engineers and construction professionals work from home with 12d Synergy. If you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to get in touch at info@12dsynergy.com.

12d Synergy - Social Media Response


Passing Time during Self-Isolation? Up-skill with 12d Synergy!

12d Synergy Academy

Watch hours of free online 12d Synergy Training Videos

To help our new and existing users work from home, we’ve also created a free online training portal: 12d Synergy Academy. The Academy gives you the flexibility to upskill your 12d Synergy capabilities at any time, featuring step-by-step training videos.

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