Regional and Global Worksharing

What is worksharing?
Worksharing is the process which enables multiple team members in a single design office, or multiple offices to collaborate on projects irrespective of their geographical location.

The Problem
The technical side of modern design packages such as 12d Model and CAD have made worksharing with generic systems almost impossible. Data could be lost, mishandled or corrupted. Many of these generic solutions simply create copies of the files. In a busy collaborative environment, there is a high risk that staff could work, transmit or share the wrong version of a file.

The Solution
12d Synergy enables efficient and seamless worksharing for staff regardless of their location by providing a single source of truth for all emails, documents and geospatial data. 12d Synergy is a check in/check out system which uses local caching. Data-intensive engineering and geospatial software can operate on locally stored hard drives rather than on a network drive, greatly increasing performance and responsiveness for not just the design team but all users on the network.

12d Synergy’s intelligent data transfer can save 90% of your data transfer whether you are in a single office or multi-office environment.

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File Replication Server

With our optional File Replication Servers (FRS) you can save time and money by caching files at each office location. The 12d Synergy File Replication Server (FRS) is network server, typically used in remote offices that are connected to a central server via a Wide-Area-Network (WAN), to save previously requested files in temporary storage. This speeds up access to frequently requested files as well as reducing demand on the WAN. Complex synchronisation rules and routing plans can be set up to ensure files are transferred at optimal times to reduce bandwidth congestion. FRS is particularly useful for multi-office organisations where the WAN bandwidth is limited.

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12d Synergy is perfectly suited to a wide variety of industry applications…

Small Business

Time in small business is precious. Let 12d Synergy manage your data, documents and projects with ease so you can get back to what you do best. Small Business Applications >


Larger engineering and design organisations benefit greatly from reduced network load and engineering integrations. Enterprise Applications >


Manage your data and reduce network overload with the only data management system to work with folder based software like 12d Model and TuFlow. Government Applications >