Topic: Remote Working & Collaboration

12d Synergy as a Common Data Environment (CDE) in the ISO 19650 World

A common data environment or CDE for those in the know, is an essential and key player when it comes to implementing the Information Management Process of ISO 19650. This article will discuss what is a CDE is, what the different States are in the CDE Workflow, their key requirements, and how 12d Synergy can act as your core CDE.

Full CAD Workflow Management and Multi-Office Collaboration

As a rapidly growing and diverse business, Premise use 12d Synergy as a common data environment to enhance its data management, collaboration, and QA capabilities. Civil projects are designed in Australia using 12d Model, and then packaged out to an international office to generate the end deliverable in AutoCAD.

City of Newcastle: Rapid Digital Transformation in 4 Weeks

In early 2020, City of Newcastle, like many other businesses, pivoted to working from home. However, the engineering design team faced a challenge in doing so due to the large complex datasets they use. The council underwent a rapid digital transformation that allowed their engineering technology to leap forward 20 years in just 4 weeks.

12d Synergy Unites Multiple Global Offices for Premise

Premise is a full service engineering, design, and management consultancy. The business provides personalised solutions across several sectors, including Urban Development, Transport, and Water. With thirteen office locations, they sought a common data environment (CDE) to efficiently work and collaborate across multiple offices and remote staff.