12d Synergy Unites Multiple Global Offices for Premise

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With over 40 years’ industry experience, Premise is a full service engineering, design, and management consultancy. The business provides personalised solutions across several sectors including Urban Development, Transport, and Water. The company currently has over 150 staff across thirteen offices including locations in Australia, Vietnam, and Papua New Guinea. Premise sought a common data environment (CDE) to efficiently work and collaborate across multiple offices and remote staff.

Before implementing 12d Synergy, Premise was utilising their own local drives with Dropbox, a file-sharing tool for individual use. This chosen method for data management and collaboration among their numerous office locations restricted their file access while also creating duplicated or corrupted files. In addition, security risks were created when third party contractors and joint partners were brought into their network environment. Ultimately this created more problems and congestions for their internal network.


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With 12d Synergy…

Today with 12d Synergy, Premise has saved $240,000 a year whilst also giving them a huge competitive advantage. This is largely due to saving on their fly-in and fly-out costs and reduced IT infrastructure. Specialist skills can now be accessed across the country as 12d Synergy connects multiple locations with the common data environment. Premise’s quieter offices can also help support their busier ones where resources can be pulled from one to the other to meet demanding project deadlines. Our CDE has provided more mobility and flexibility for the company.


Challenges solved by 12d Synergy:

  • Maintaining a single source of truth for their files and documents
  • Providing a secure and central location to eliminate security risks with third party contractors and joint partners
  • Supporting a collaborative and flexible work environment across all office locations
  • Enabling faster data transfers for their large files and datasets

Single Source of Truth

With thirteen offices located in Australia and South-East Asia, Premise needed a CDE that was accessible no matter the user’s location.

12d Synergy provided a central and secure location where all the company’s data, documents, and files are located. There could be two staff members in two different offices working together on one design, a team member working out on-site, or a team member working from home – all their files are stored in one convenient standardised location.


Version History & Permission Control

Premise work on a large number of projects every year, employing more offices to ensure the workload demand can be met. Consequently, a large amount of data is constantly shared around and out of the company.

12d Synergy created a secure environment for Premise by introducing permission controls. Only certain users with specific permissions can access the needed files. The system also enhanced the company’s data integrity with a full audit history. Once a file is checked out, it is locked to that user and no other person can make any updates or changes. Every version of a file is also recorded so it can easily be rolled back if needed. Risks of duplicated or corrupted files are eliminated with the organised system structure.


Collaborative Mobility

As previously mentioned, Premise required a flexible and adaptable system so that workers from different offices, working from home, working remotely, or third-party contractors can work together seamlessly.

12d Synergy offers secure work-sharing capabilities. Employees now have the ability to collaborate with other team members no matter their location. This has made Premise more agile and robust, while also maximising employee well-being. Staff can work from home to suit their personal schedules, rather than staying in the office. Or if an office can offer more resources to another during a busier period, it’s no issue and project outflows are maximised.


12d Synergy Cloud

Premise has numerous offices, which leads to large IT infrastructure needed for the entire company.

12d Synergy’s cloud solution has downsized the infrastructure needed for the business. After migrating to Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and linking to 12d Synergy’s file replication servers, faster data transfers have been enabled for remote locations. IT costs have also been significantly reduced.


Single Source of Truth
Collaboration and Mobility
CDE Cloud

Out of all our software, 12d Synergy’s support is by far the best. 12d Synergy is far superior and far better bang for buck than any competing products. I’ll recommend 12d Synergy all day, every day… If we started this business from scratch, 12d Synergy would definitely be there. I couldn’t picture life without it.

Terry Tran

Chief Operating Officer, Premise

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