Internal Issuing: 12d Synergy 4.3 Part 6

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12d Synergy 4.3 introduces a range of exciting new features designed to increase the efficiency and mobility of your data management. This article is the sixth of our seven-part series exploring these features: what they do, their benefits and how to use them. In this post you’ll learn about Internal Issuing in 12d Synergy 4.3 which streamlines the way you’ll share internal data around the office.

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Issuing Data to Clients

Within our industry, data is constantly changing hands between teams, sites and offices – for instance, from designers to clients to construction.

This process is called issuing, which is the formal distribution of deliverables – such as PDFs and drawings – to another organisation, like a client or contractor.

Un-traced Issuing

Issuing can often be error-prone and un-traced. This leads to dark waters for your project deliverables (queue ominous music). This can include internal and external disputes over un-tracked or missing versions. It also puts your IP address at risk, being shared with unknown parties.

The solution: 12d Synergy – which lets you formally track and manage your in-office data in a controlled, standardised process with complete traceability. Your data is kept completely safe, issued through private download links on your web-browser.

Issuing with 12d Synergy It’s a useful tool that wouldn’t look out of place in a 007 movie. Issuing within 12d Synergy can be enabled by your system administrator – click here for a guide!


Internal Issuing 

Issuing was previously designated for external data sharing: sending documents to clients and contractors outside your 12d Synergy environment. But what about formally passing data to parties within your system?

12d Synergy's Internal Issuing

With 12d Synergy 4.3’s Internal Issuing, files and data can now be issued to clients within your 12d Synergy environment.

This means you get the same tracking benefits of a standard transmittal, but when issuing internally; the data stays inside 12d Synergy. This means you don’t have to issue your files via email (or any other way), only to upload it back to 12d Synergy.

Single Source of Truth - 12d Synergy

With Internal Issuing, you get a new copy of the data, complete with attributes and records on who sent it, when they received it and why. The data copy is also done inside the server, so the person doing the issuing doesn’t have to download anything. Think of it as a (completely automated) bread crumb trail for your data.



How to Use Internal Issuing 

To begin, navigate to the Issued Files tool in your job tree, select your file to be issued and click the ‘Issue’ icon in the ribbon bar.

When Issuing a set of files in 12d Synergy, select the ‘Issue Mode’ as ‘Internally’. You’ll then be prompted to select where you’d like to copy the files in 12d Synergy.

How to Use Internal Issuing - 12d Synergy

Your files will then be copied with all its attributes, and a notification email will be sent to the person or people you’re issuing to. They’ll get a transmittal document, and a link to the 12d Synergy location. Boom, you’ve internally issued!


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