What’s New in 12d Synergy 4.3 Part 5 – CAD to PDF Publisher

by | Feb 18, 2020 | What's New

12d Synergy 4.3 introduces a range of exciting new features designed to increase the efficiency and mobility of your data management. This article is the fifth in our seven-part series exploring these features: what they do, their benefits and how to use them. In this post you’ll learn about 12d Synergy’s CAD to PDF Publisher, which transforms and completely automates the way you publish your DWGs.
6You can also read about the other features in 12d Synergy 4.3 including Folders Templates, Offline Data Mode, 12d Model Management, CAD Management and Internal Issuing.

Love publishing to PDF from CAD? It’s a time-consuming, tedious and error-prone process, so we’ve automated it. In 12d Synergy 4.3 you can now publish without opening any DWGs, making it substantially faster, easier and safer. It’s a time and money saving gizmo that even Inspector Gadget would be fond of.

CAD to PDF Publisher – Redefined Automation

With CAD Publisher, all your drawings can be published to PDF from within the 12d Synergy client.

Plotting from CAD can be a time-consuming process (even with scripts). It’s a tiresome, manual task riddled with human error – users can accidentally miss DWGs or use the wrong settings.

In 12d Synergy, this process is completely streamlined, you can publish without even opening any DWGs. It’s faster, completely automatic, and simplified process without the hassles of fiddly scripts.

12d Synergy 4.3 - CAD to PDF Publisher

Our tool pulls out all layouts and gives you the ability to publish using the options encoded within your layouts. It also provides quality assurance, and lets you modify the ordering of your publishing.

You now have the option to use everything encoded in line with your company standards, or you can customise this setting. Neat right?

You can learn how to master 12d Synergy’s CAD to PDF Publisher in the video below:

Re-Focus on What You  Do Best

When you publish to PDF from within 12d Synergy, you don’t need either AutoCAD or BricsCAD installed on your machine.

12d Synergy 4.3 - Simplified CAD Management

So what does this mean for you? This means publishing can be delegated to your admin office so you can focus on what you do best: designing, surveying and building awesome projects.

Not only does this save your time, but it saves your company money, with less CAD licenses to purchase and more output from different departments.

CAD PDF Association

12d Synergy 4.3 - Publishing to PDF

4.3’s CAD Publisher also creates an association between each DWG and the PDF.

12d Synergy can add the attributes within the CAD file to the PDF, so you’ll always know from which DWG the PDF was generated from. For example, layout name or drawing revision number.

It’s a (ridiculously) useful string to add to your CAD data management bow.

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