How J. Wyndham Prince Achieved Document Version Control and a Rapid 18-month ROI with 12d Synergy

by | Oct 14, 2019

As a leading civil engineering and project management consultancy, J. Wyndham Prince has been designing, managing and delivering innovative land development projects in the Greater Sydney region for over 35 years.

In 2016, J. Wyndham Prince realised they were on the verge of data chaos, with little Document Version Control practices in place.

“We had information stored everywhere: across multiple servers, local drives, users’ mailboxes and public folders” – David Johnson, Director

J. Wyndham Prince implemented 12d Synergy to manage their data chaos – in doing so, they transformed their business.


Watch: Peter Mehl & David Johnson of J. Wyndham Prince on their rapid ROI with 12d Synergy

In this video you will hear from Peter Mehl & David Johnson on how they used 12d Synergy to overcome their Data Management Issues and to transform their business! Harnessing Document Version Control, lightning fast document and email retrieval and much more.

Document Version Control Challenge

Document Version Control Chaos

  1. J. Wyndham Prince had accumulated a huge amount of data from hundreds of projects (past, present and future). Unfortunately, this created a domino effect of challenges:
  • Data became slow to access, outdated and unidentifiable – misfiled, misnamed and deleted.
  • Documents were unmanaged and lost, potentially causing mistakes and litigation risks.
  • Data was inaccessible – locked in local email inboxes and unable to be transferred and shared.

These issues hindered their ability to work flexibly and efficiently collaborate. J. Wyndham Prince identified this and worked alongside 12d Synergy to re-manage their data into an accessible and secure system.


Turning it Around: From Document Version Control Challenge to 18-month ROI

12d Synergy Document Version ControlFast-forward to today, and it’s a completely different story. J. Wyndham Prince has transformed their business.

Working together with 12d Synergy, they centralised their data to achieve:

  • Lightning-fast email & document retrieval
  • Streamlined geospatial 12d Model data transfers and full document version control
  • Flexible working with out-of-office access to a common data environment

This resulted in a rapid 18-month ROI on 12d Synergy.

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