12d Synergy is Coming to You! – ‘Taking Your Business Mobile’ Roadshow 2019

by | Oct 21, 2019

Fasten your seatbelts. 12d Synergy is taking your business mobile!

That’s right. We’re (super) excited to be hitting the roads of Australia to present a roadshow of jam-packed sessions – helping you drive growth and success through mobility.

Join us at this completely free event (score) as the chiefs of 12d Synergy Joel Gregory (CEO) and Richard Stoliar (CTO) talk all things mobility, collaboration and flexibility with 12d Synergy.


12d Synergy Roadshow - Mobility

Mobility can become a major competitive advantage for your business. From saving thousands of dollars in travel to flexibly sharing your every kilobyte of data. These savings and competitive insights are why the 12d Synergy team are packing their bags to come meet you.

We’re going mobile, to take you mobile – and transform your business.

Not a 12d Synergy user? No worries! This roadshow is for anyone interested in taking their data and document management mobile.

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We’re Coming to You! – The When and Where’s

Taking Your Business Mobile Roadshow Features: 

  • Interactive Sessions
  • Exclusive 12d Synergy Insights
  • Actionable Learnings
  • Networking
  • Countless ‘Whoa’ Moments

3 Reasons to Take Your Business Mobile

12d Synergy Roadshow - Freedom

1. Instant Accessibility

Work on-line and off-line, in the office and in the field. Unchain yourself (and your data) from your desk, and discover the freedoms of flexible working.


12d Synergy Roadshow - Worksharing

2. Streamlined Collaboration

Enhance flexible worksharing between your business’ many corporate and home offices. Watch your time savings put the ‘life’ back into ‘work-life’ balance.


12d Synergy Roadshow - Efficiency

3. Simplified Efficiency

Bring the moving pieces of your project together with less time, effort and cost – automated mobile data entry, simplistic handling of large datasets.



Meet the Speakers

12d Synergy Roadshow - Joel Gregory

Joel Gregory – CEO

With over 15 years’ experience transforming businesses across the world, Joel defines mobility as the flexibility to successfully adapt to constant change.



12d Synergy Roadshow - Richard Stoliar

Richard Stoliar – CTO

Since crafting the first line of code and leading 12d Synergy’s development ever since, Richard describes mobility through irreplaceable ‘on the go’ access without being bogged down by a wired PC or laptop.



12d Synergy Roadshow - Lincoln Smith

Lincoln Smith – Sales Lead

With 20 years’ experience helping the infrastructure industries transform into a digital space, Lincoln sees mobility as the ability to be productive wherever we are.



12d Synergy Roadshow - Mitch McPherson

Mitch McPherson – Business Development Manager

Mitch joined 12d Synergy in 2017. Both in and outside of the office, he’s contributed exponential growth with his Aussie humour and determination. He defines mobility as the knack of enabling your project to be both consistently accessible and flexible.



3 Reasons You Can’t Miss This Event

  1. Did we mention it’s free!?
  2. Meet, learn and laugh with the 12d Synergy team and other users with delicious nibbles and refreshments.
  3. Get a sneak peek into 12d Synergy Version 5!


The roadshow is less than a month away and places are limited, so make sure you register now!




You can’t miss it – you’ll learn how to achieve mobility for you, your data and your team with 12d Synergy. See you there!

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