The Importance of a Data Management System – 12d Synergy 101 Training Series – Part 1

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This is the first article in our six-part training series that will quickly transform you from an average Joe into a 12d Synergy pro! Join Tim Brooks – a civil designer with 21 years’ experience – as he walks you through easy-to-follow videos on the fundamentals of 12d Synergy.

After completing part 1, you’ll have an overview of what 12d Synergy can do and how it can help you resolve your data management nightmares.

Before getting into the nitty gritty of operating 12d Synergy, this article gives you a rundown of why file and folder management is essential to your office. If this training series was on Blu-ray, this first article would be the blurb on the back.


Data Management in the Infrastructure Industries

Data management systems (DMS) are essential to your efficiency and productivity. Without a system, data can get misfiled, misnamed, duplicated and deleted. It’s like skydiving with a fishing-net parachute… it’s a (messy) disaster.

Data management systems help you avoid these disasters. They create a common data environment and single source of truth to streamline how you work and collaborate. So you can get more done in less time. And without the all-too-usual mistakes, last-minute deadlines and tedious data entry. To explore more about the specific features in a DMS, continue reading here…

Architecture, Engineering and Construction Offices

The Architecture, Engineering and Construction Office

The typical architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) office accumulates mountains of data across years of projects: past, present and future. Not only do these mountains make skydiving even more dangerous, these offices risk losing time, money and efficiency by failing to manage their data appropriately. 12d Synergy is a customised parachute for the AEC office, smoothly gliding you through every kilobyte of data for every project.

Data Management Systems

12d Synergy v Windows Explorer

A common alternative to a DMS is Windows Explorer. Sure, Windows Explorer offers convenient data storage, but it simply wasn’t designed to handle complex data and workflows of the infrastructure industries. It’s like trying to race Bathurst in a bathtub.

Windows was not built for email management. Nor does it have the necessary search capabilities of a DMS. Windows Explorer also has limited access and visibility control and no audit trail. Windows Explorer was built for beginner skydiving across very flat terrains.

Why Your Office Requires a Data Management System

Freedom from your deskFreedom

Seamless adaptation and trust in your data enable freedom. A peaceful skydive across your data. Data traditionally lives on a network drive and can’t be accessed remotely. When a project deadline looms and the workload ramps up, your sense of freedom dwindles.
12d Synergy lets users seamlessly work and collaborate from anywhere alongside integrated AEC specific software. 12d Synergy puts the ‘life’ back into your work-life balance.

Efficiency at work


AEC offices are reliant on multiple moving parts of data. Efficiency is about bringing these pieces together with less time, effort and cost.

12d Synergy helps users achieve this through automated data entry, eliminating mistakes and errors accompanied by simplistic handling of large datasets. This quickly transforms your mountains of data into a  streamlined portfolio.

A productive office space


Productivity involves consistently turning an input into an output. 12d Synergy helps users enhance productivity through faster data transfers; project files that take hours to transfer can be updated in just minutes with 12d Synergy.

Find out how to unlock efficiency, freedom and productivity in the next part of the series!

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