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How to Access Remote Data For Engineering Teams

Learn how to access large engineering datasets remotely; safeguarding your business during times of change, and unlocking a range of time and money saving benefits.

Woods: Faster data transfer for international collaboration

Woods is a wholly New Zealand, employee-owned, multi-disciplinary consultancy with a primary office located in Auckland and a secondary office located in Christchurch.  Established in 1970, Woods has now grown to become a substantial consultancy with a team of 120 specialists providing services ranging from urban design and engineering to planning and surveying.

Good Earth Matters: Optimising the flow of project administration

Good Earth Matters is a leading Australasian expert in enabling communities through sustainable infrastructure. It’s a multidisciplinary company with around a dozen employees operating across New Zealand. It specialises in water infrastructure, with core competencies ranging from Water Resources to Procurement and Resource Management.

8 Ways Remote Workers Can Outperform Office Workers

8 Ways Remote Workers Can Outperform Office Workers Another early morning. Startled, the relentless drone of your alarm drags you out of bed- again. How you hate that sound. It’s still dark outside. After pouring yourself a coffee still half asleep you fumble at the TV remote. On the third try you finally press the power… Read more »