How to Embrace the Flexible Working Environment

by | Oct 26, 2017

Stuck in the office working overtime? It Doesn’t have to be this way

Nobody wants to be chained to their desk for hours into the night or over weekends. But that’s the reality for so many of us. People are spending more and more time in the office trying to meet their deadlines, and losing out on leisure and family time.

Other industries have turned to Flexible Working as the solution. Instead of being stuck in one office, they work from anywhere they like, accessing and sharing files through VPN, Filesharing and Dropbox.

This has been tried time and time again in the Civil Engineering industry. The problem is that the data sets are too large. It takes ages to transfer a single project, and connections often just time out.

We need to resolve this issue!

Flexible Working can work for you

Research overwhelmingly highlights the advantages of flexible working. Staff in organisations with a modern, flexible culture enjoy improved health, greater productivity and higher job satisfaction.

Over 3000 12d Synergy users are experiencing the flexibility of a modern workplace system, from WSP, Aurecon and Jacobs through to small consultants like Milton’s Services.

This webinar will show you how to embrace and deploy a modern flexible working system that will transform your career and your organisation. Say goodbye to long hours chained to the desk in your office.

Experience the Flexibility Firsthand

12d Synergy can adapt to your current practices and introduce flexibility into your workplace.
See for yourself how 12d Synergy can benefit your organisation, book in for an obligation free demo.

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Mitch is a sports fanatic and self-confessed cricket tragic. Mitch joined 12d Synergy in 2017 and now champions our growth across Australia. Mitch helps engineering and construction teams achieve success through the adoption of world class common data environments.


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