Reducing Rework Could Save You Thousands

by | Nov 7, 2017

Re-work can be defined as work measures that need to be completed more than once because they weren’t completed correctly the first time, also known as non-conformance. The cost of rework on infrastructure and land development projects is a significant value which needs to be calculated on each job.

For the overarching Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries, the cost of rework is estimated to be between 5% and 12% of the total contract value.  That means that on a $10 Million project, $500 000 will spent on rework.

One study concluded that the cost of rework could grow to around the 12% mark once you factor in:

•  Ineffective use of information technologies.
•  Excessive client involvement.
•  Poorly defined working procedures.
•  Design changes at the request of the client.

Almost half of all rework comes down to an issue regarding document control.  This can be significantly decreased through the effective use of information technology to improve teamwork and collaboration; increasing visibility of documents, engineering files, and project related correspondence.

To address this issue organisations have adopted document and data management systems.  These systems enable a collaborative environment, but also provide an efficient tool that reduces the risks of mismanaged  project files.

12d Synergy reduces the risks involved with poor document control by providing a single source of truth for all data types.  Every file stored within 12d Synergy benefits from a complete audit history, including revision management and version control.  12d Synergy clients are managing a range of project related files and documents from CAD, 12d Model, Map, Civil3d, MX, XP SWMM, TUFLOW and more.

All email correspondence and associated attachments can be managed and tracked via 12d Synergy’s email management tool.  This means you will always know who has the latest version of a file and you will have a complete history of all client and project related correspondence.


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