Good Earth Matters: Optimising the flow of project administration

by | May 22, 2018


Good Earth Matters is a leading Australasian expert in enabling communities through sustainable infrastructure. It’s a multidisciplinary company with around a dozen employees operating across New Zealand. It specialises in water infrastructure, with core competencies ranging from Water Resources to Procurement and Resource Management.

Optimising the Flow of Project Administration

The company had always run a centralised file server, but there were some issues around finding things. As Annette Sweeney, Principal Environmental Engineer, Good Earth Matters explains, “some people were putting things in different places and not filing emails. Then when people were away, or we had to change who was managing a project, getting access to the latest information was difficult.”

The Solution

Good Earth Matter’s turned to 12d for a solution. “They talked to us about 12d Synergy and that it might work for us. A consultant we were working with was already using it. So we talked with them about how they found it and how they used it. It was essentially a no brainer,” Annette says.

“12d Synergy has made my role easier. It has become almost like a project task diary. At any time, I can see where a project is at and what’s been done. It has saved me around 2-4 hours a week in admin, reduced stress, and enabled a better work life balance.”
Annette Sweeney, Principal Environmental Engineer, Good Earth Matters


Document Management
Better Organisation for Files and Projects

12d Synergy’s rock-solid data and document management enables remote teams to collaborate easily, with project files and emails accessible to everyone who needs them. With a full audit trail, Good Earth Matters can always trust that the most recent version of a file is being worked on.


Improved Project Workflow with Tasks

By creating tasks in 12d Synergy to match proposals, and using notes to update them with any new information, Good Earth Matters has streamlined its workflows. It now has a company-wide, consolidated system of recording information so it’s accessible to everyone.


Staff Retention

Hiring and Retaining Top Talent

Good Earth Matters hires the best people wherever they are. Whether people work remotely from the start, or move to a new area for family or other reasons, 12d Synergy enables them to work easily and productively with the rest of the team.



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