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Just How Safe Are Your 12d Model Projects From Data Corruption?

Just How Safe Are Your 12d Model Projects From Data Corruption? Picture this…You have sent the surveyors out to the field. Two weeks pass. After some hard weather and rough days, they have painstakingly collected all the data needed. Terrain, boundaries, trees, structures. Everything. The trigger is just about to be pulled on the design… Read more »

Good Earth Matters: Optimising the flow of project administration

Good Earth Matters is a leading Australasian expert in enabling communities through sustainable infrastructure. It’s a multidisciplinary company with around a dozen employees operating across New Zealand. It specialises in water infrastructure, with core competencies ranging from Water Resources to Procurement and Resource Management.

WestConnex and Worksharing

WestConnex, 12d Synergy

Aurecon faced a busy 2016 with various major projects in the pipeline including Sydney’s WestConnex. The Aurecon – Jacobs joint venture adopted 12d Synergy as a project collaboration and worksharing solution, which enabled them to leverage their skills and talents from various locations around the world; Ed Wilson explains.

Is project related administration weighing you down?

Is project administration weighing you down? Document Management has continued to grow in importance to meet the needs of project management, QA, workflows and business litigation. As the tools we use to design, consult and communicate continue to develop, the role of document controllers continue to grow. It’s safe to assume that nobody enjoys sitting… Read more »

Stuck in the office struggling to meet a deadline?

Flexible Working systems for the Civil Engineering industry has traditionally made things more complex. Now there are a range of solutions to help you. Is it time you looked into resolving this issue?

What is worksharing?

Worksharing and Collaborating

Worksharing is the process which enables multiple team members in a design office, or across multiple offices and locations to collaborate on projects.

Worksharing; File Replication Server (FRS)

File Replication Server Routing Map

A Multi-office Worksharing and Collaboration solution.
The FRS is really ideal for sites with popular data sets that are being used by many users at different sites. So rather than making them all wait for it to be downloaded the first time they open it, you can push it out to that local network to make it much faster.

NorthConnex Data Management

Northconnex Data Management

NorthConnex is the largest road tunnel project in Australia. Being such a large project with high exposure it is crucial that work is completed efficiently and effectively. The scale and pressures of the project has created data management issues, NorthConnex turned to 12d to develop custom solutions.