Just How Safe Are Your 12d Model Projects From Data Corruption?

by | May 23, 2018

Picture this…You have sent the surveyors out to the field. Two weeks pass. After some hard weather and rough days, they have painstakingly collected all the data needed. Terrain, boundaries, trees, structures. Everything. The trigger is just about to be pulled on the design stage.

All that’s left is for you to transfer the data from the field to the design consultant. Easy, right? You upload the data to the cloud and share it with the consultant. All is well.

But something’s not right…

An error message. A panicked email. The data can’t be opened. It’s corrupted. %$@#!!! …Disaster. Anxiously you run to IT pleading and begging. But they just look at you, shake their heads and turn you around. You bite the bullet. Reluctantly you send the surveyors back to the field. Terrain, boundaries, trees, structures- all of it all over again. The deadline. The budget. Hesitantly you pick up the phone and dial the Project Manager’s number, bracing yourself for the storm to come…

This is the cruel reality of mishandling large and complex folders of files.

Unsafe practices

Consumer-grade cloud storage software is absolutely great for Word documents and photos: the easy, simple stuff. The problem is with large geospatial data. These platforms are not built to meet the demanding needs of the engineering, surveying and construction industries. This is a major risk and it’s putting your priceless geospatial data on the line. The costs for data corruption is massive.

Clients have reported losing many hours of work on their 12d Model projects due to file corruptions caused by inadequate file sharing systems. It’s a problem the 12d Model Support Team have dealt with many times in the past.

Is there a solution?

What you need to safeguard your data is a robust data management system. One that seamlessly enables large data transfers without the threat of corrupt, duplicate, misplaced or deleted data.

12d Synergy does just this, and more.

12d Synergy was built from the ground up specifically to handle geospatial and design data. 12d Synergy enables you to seamlessly manage, collaborate and share your geospatial data through a rock-solid check-in check-out version control system and centralised single source of truth. This protects you from corruption, duplication and human-error; saving you effort, time and money.

Safeguard your data with 12d Synergy

Consumer-grade cloud storage software push all transferred data to all staff. As one civil design client reported, “Prior to using 12d Synergy, it would take between 30 – 40 minutes to open the same project across the corporate network.”

1. Data centralisation

12d Synergy centralises all your data, workflows and people into one location. This reduces the amount of data strain on your network while also enabling faster and easier multi-office collaboration. That same client can now open their projects in 1-2 minutes.


2. Faster, easier and safer data transfers

12d Synergy’s Intelligent Data Transfer system reduces data traffic by up to 91% by transferring only the files that have been changed, not the entire project. This minimises the risk of data corruption due to issues such as internet connections timing out. One of our clients reported time savings of 4 hours per user, per week, amounting to $43,200 saved on the small 12-week carpark project.


3. Rock-solid data management with complete version control

If data corruption does occur, with 12d Synergy’s complete version history you can simply rollback at any time to a previous version as required. Chris Bull from RCS Group reports that “version control has been brilliant for us. Sometimes clients require a rollback, which could take days to do manually. But with 12d Synergy, it’s instant.”

12d Synergy’s data management system has proven success among the AEC industry’s key players. Over 3000 people in Australia and New Zealand use 12d Synergy to centralise and manage their data and documents.


Safeguard your data

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