Topic: 12d Model
Surveyor on a hill

CDE for Surveyors

A Common Data Environment is a centralised digital platform used in the lifecycle of a project to facilitate efficient communication, collaboration and information sharing among key project stakeholders, such as surveyors. 12d Synergy offers a secure cloud-based workspace where surveyors can store, manage, and share crucial data such as survey plans and geospatial information.

In the Pipeline: A Preview of 2018

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Mainland Surveying

Mainland Surveying’s Competitive Advantage

Mainland Surveying needed a system that could centralise their data and files and handle the complexities that comes with geospatial software.
They were impressed that 12d Synergy was able to handle the heavy-duty software they use, including 12d Model, a multi-file piece of software which they produce a lot of data related to topographical maps, plans, subdivisions and buildings and infrastructure development.