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Consumer Grade-Cloud Based Tools Corrupting 12d Model Data

Consumer Grade – Cloud Based Tools Corrupting 12d Model Data Have you corrupted your 12d Model data or at risk at corrupting your 12d Model data by mismanaging your 12d Model Projects? Corrupt data typically occurs when transferring or managing your project data with “consumer grade” cloud solutions.  Think of products such as DropBox, Box,… Read more »

13 Reasons Why 12d Model Avoided Version 13

We keep getting asked the question, “What happened to 12d Model 13?” It seems some of our customers are confused about whether they somehow missed a version! Well, the answer is ‘no’…we simply skipped 12d Model 13 and went straight to building 12d Model 14, due for release later this year! The reasons behind this… Read more »

Just How Safe Are Your 12d Model Projects From Data Corruption?

Just How Safe Are Your 12d Model Projects From Data Corruption? Picture this…You have sent the surveyors out to the field. Two weeks pass. After some hard weather and rough days, they have painstakingly collected all the data needed. Terrain, boundaries, trees, structures. Everything. The trigger is just about to be pulled on the design… Read more »

In the Pipeline: A Preview of 2018

12d Solutions Managing Director Dr Lee Gregory takes a look back at everything that was 2017, and previews what’s coming up in 2018. Interested in seeing more? Book your obligation free demo of 12d Synergy today! BOOK A DEMO Transcript: Hello and welcome to the 30th webinar in our 12d Industry Solutions Webinar Series, although… Read more »