In the Pipeline: A Preview of 2018

by | Jan 18, 2018

Watch: 2017 in Review – Industry Solutions Webinar Series


12d Solutions Managing Director Dr Lee Gregory takes a look back at everything that was 2017, and previews what’s coming up in 2018.

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Hello and welcome to the 30th webinar in our 12d Industry Solutions Webinar Series, although it’s the first one for 2018.  My name is Lisa Stewart and I’m the marketing and communications coordinator here at 12d solutions.

Our industry solutions webinars are designed to provide insights into overcoming challenges in an evolving industry in more effective and efficient ways.  We’ll keep running these webinars regularly and recording them for posting on our YouTube channel with links through our website.  Our first 29 webinars from this industry solution series as well as 33 webinars from our training series are available online if you missed those.

During this live presentation you’ll be able to type your questions along the way we’ll put some instructions on the screen, well answer as many of those as possible throughout the webinar and at the end I’ll read out some of your questions to the presenter of this time today’s webinar 2017 in review and what’s in store for 2018 will be presented by our co-founder and Managing Director Dr. Lee Gregory, who has 37 years of experience in the civil software industry. Lee will take you on a tour of what happened for us during 2017 and what’s in store for the exciting year to come over to you Lee.

Thank you Lisa welcome to the 2017 review and what’s in store for 2018 webinar, now that’s a mouthful to say about to practice it for quite a while. So, often the number of you be saying why did you see very much of Lee during 2017?

Basically I had a little bit of an accident and so couldn’t get out the office very much look at this boot on my foot I pulled the triceps off my arm and I’ve had a an operation to reattach it so it’s pretty well right and also pull the Achilles tendon off my foot and I had to go into boot so to try and reattach itself so I probably will need an operation for that but basically they told me when you’ve finally fails andyou fall over then we’ll fix it so I collect diagnosis by disaster so morale the story don’t dial on your phone and walk at the same time will trip over like I did and end up a wreck

During 2017 the re-sellers and we have various resource around the place we divide a Australia up into different regions but for 12d model it was the EXDS who looked after New South Wales ACT and South Australia. That’s Tony Ingold’s  fantastic team, and they’ve had a record year in 12d Model sales for the financial year.

For 12d synergy it was 12d New Zealand so that’s the Lane’s team although it’s probably now a more separate 12 d synergy team and run by James James Irwin and again that was a record year for 12d synergy in New Zealand so congratulations to both those groups.

2017 was a record year for 12d Synergy overall.  They made more sales, not just more sales, probably quadrupled the previous years.  For those who don’t know about 12d Synergy it basically it looks after data.  It also looks after 12d model projects and looks after emails, looks after your Word documents.  It’s a document management system but also a data management system and an email management system.

With email management you’ve got automatically filing and searching of emails. It plugs in for to run synergy from things like Word, Excel and Outlook. So there’s plugin so you can run it from those packages.

There’s also plug-ins for CAD related packages like BricsCAD, AutoCAD, Civil3d.  There’s reference management, so your Xrefs, data shortcuts, word templates etc.

There’s manage folders, this is very very important because most document management systems they manage individual files. But what you can do in 12d Synergy is you can say I want to manage this whole folder and all the things below it.  So products that have more than one just file, 12d Synergy is perfect for it. So things like Tuflow, XPSWMM & liscad, those sorts of things can be all handled quite well with 12d Synergy because we can manage folders and manage them correctly.

We also have file publishing web drops and file publishers, when you send people information and they click on it you actually get a  record of when they’ve done it. So you know who has and who hasn’t actually got the data.

Web drops you can set it up so people can then drag and drop their information to send you into an area and it all then all gets totally recorded inside 12d synergy and dates and everything like that.

You can also control the names of jobs and files there’s very good naming conventions in there which just makes things run smoother and in a firm everyone follows the same naming convention.

There’s what we call file replication server or FRS for short.  This is actually when you have officers spread around different places or whatever, rather than again all your data from the one main synergy server you still talk to that server but we then can copy the data over at night or a time that you want to a file replication server which might be in your own office or much more closer to you than where the main server is and so it’s only pulling it from somewhere for such can be much much faster.

There’s a lot of major projects now that are using 12d synergy. Things like the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing, Ipswich Motorway Upgrade, Rocklea to Darra, The Bruce Highway Upgrade, The M1-M3 upgrade in Queensland, WestConnex and NorthConnex projects in New South Wales.

We’ve got quite a few projects in New Zealand going including the North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery (NCTIR).  That is where the last major earthquake hit north of Kaikoura, and so there;s about 500 people there working.  The road collapsed and also the train tunnels collapsed so it’s a very big job which has been totally done in12d Model and managed with 12d Synergy.

We also have the Mount Messenger Alliance in New Zealand on board and the Transmission Gully, again two big road jobs which are being managed inside 12d Synergy.

Coming in 12d Synergy version 4 is some new CAD Management features, a workflow engine, mapping and spatial search, we’ve made some naming rule enhancements, some other optimisations to make it run faster, and we’re now looking at the amount of users, our largest client has 400 users, but we’re looking at the next step 1000, 2000, 5000 users.

12d Model Management in version 4 has 12d Model templates, new cached customisation mode – you can now download at 12d Model start up if you need, offline many projects, and you can check in many projects.

There’s some enhancements for issuing and transmittals.  You can attach a cover sheet, you can build global contact lists and job specific lists to send information out to people.

There’s new CAD ribbons in version 4 for BricsCAD, AutoCAD, Civil3D and other software packages like AutoCAD Map3D, Mechanical, Architectual and Plant 3D.  So you can access 12d Synergy from right in the ribbon of those products.

Xrefs there is support for new reference types including DWG, Images, PDF, Point Clouds and Data Links.  You get notifications when references on the server change, and there’s the ability to check and edit referenced DWGs inline.  There is also a reference graph that can display everywhere you references are coming from.

There are also other features including a drawing register, where you can actually manage your drawings inside 12d Synergy.

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