13 Reasons Why 12d Model Avoided Version 13

by | Jun 25, 2018

We keep getting asked the question, “What happened to 12d Model 13?”

It seems some of our customers are confused about whether they somehow missed a version! Well, the answer is ‘no’…we simply skipped 12d Model 13 and went straight to building 12d Model 14, due for release later this year!

The reasons behind this may seem odd given the scientific/technical nature of our business, but sometimes it’s better to ‘go with the flow.’

13 Reasons Why 12d Model Avoided Version 13

1. Apollo 13

It is said that the Apollo 13 mission was cursed from the beginning; NASA scoffed at the thought of luck playing a part in the mission’s success and it is rumoured that the scheduled time for launch was 1.13pm (13:13). Two of the original crew fell ill with measles and the time and date of the launch was rescheduled to allow for the training of new members. On April 13th Apollo 13 would encounter an oxygen fail which would force NASA to abandon the mission.

2. 87 and out … Cricket’s devils number

In 1929 a 10 year old Keith Miller sat at the MCG to watch the great Sir Donald Bradman take to the crease in a Sheffield Shield match. Shockingly his hero was dismissed for 87 – 13 runs short of his century. The legend then grew later when Test captain Ian Johnson was dismissed for 87 with Miller batting at the other end. Since this date there has been a string of Australian Test Cricketers who have been dismissed 13 runs short of glory.

3. Super Bowl XIII

Super Bowl 13 is known to Vegas bookies as “Black Sunday.” Super Bowl 13 saw the Dallas Cowboys take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. The spread continued to shift as the teams exchanged scores and wagers were coming in fast. The match settled exactly on the game’s final points spread.  The Las Vegas’ bookmakers were both sided and middled, costing them millions in payouts.

4. 13 steps to the gallows

Number 4 is rather dark… It is said that traditionally the gallows were built so that the convicted would be required to take 13 steps to their unfortunate fate.

5. Real Estate

British homes with 13 as their address will sell on average £4000 below the market value.

6. Mayan Calendars

The end of the Mayan calendar’s 13th Baktun was superstitiously feared as a harbinger of the apocalyptic 2012 phenomenon.

7. Luck of the Irish

If there’s one thing Irish know more than anyone – it’s luck. In 2013 Ireland officially adopted a new standard for car registrations in order to avoid having unlucky number-plates. Instead of ending in 13 the Irish opted for 131 and 132.

8. Arrest of the Knights Templar

At dawn on Friday, 13 1307 King Philip IV of France ordered the arrest of French Templars. The men were tortured and executed; the date has since been linked to Friday the 13th.

9. Friday the 13th

We all know the superstitions around Friday the 13th, but did you know the date actually costs the global market billions of dollars as investors refuse to do business on the date?

10. Witches Coven

A coven is a gathering of witches. During the 1920s public figure Margaret Murray popularised the theory that witches around Europe would meet in groups of 13 called a Coven.

11. Loki

The Scandinavian belief in unlucky 13 dates back to Norse Mythology and the 13th demigod Loki. Loki was an evil demigod who brought hardship and misfortune upon humans. It is believed that Loki was a shapeshifter and often acted in a malicious way towards other gods.

12. The 13th Floor

Many buildings around the world have avoided labelling the 13th floor when installing elevators. Most buildings choose to skip 13 altogether, others have opted for 12a, 12b or M (the thirteenth letter of the alphabet).  We suggest you consider opting for “12d” on your next high-rise.

13. Luck doesn’t come into your designs

We decided that luck shouldn’t come into what you do, so we avoided 13 altogether!
12d Model 14 will be launched at this year’s 12d Technical Forum.  All delegates on maintenance will receive a technical preview version.


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