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Get ready, drafters, to enjoy the full benefit (and more!) of 12d Synergy for all your data!

12d Synergy gives you a smarter way to manage the huge volume of drawings, Xrefs and data that you create and collaborate on. 12d Synergy 4’s all-new powerfully intuitive CAD management features make managing your CAD data a breeze. Remove the chaos from your collaboration, reduce your stress and boost your productivity and efficiency!

The drafter’s dilemma

Do you hate manually rebinding broken XRefs? Are you wasting hours of your time on glacially-slow network performance and data transfer speeds? Sick to death of tedious document administration? Stressing about version duplications and mishandled data and collaborators using incorrect drafting standards? You’re not alone – we know your frustrations all too well.

Solving the dilemma with 12d Synergy 4

12d Synergy 4 is a smarter way to manage your CAD data, helping you take control of the madness.

Boost your productivity:

Save time with fast-tracked network and data transfer performance. Work off your local drive with background caching and centralised back-up. Enjoy advanced management of your CAD data, including your drawing registers, Xrefs, bulk attributes and sheet sets.


CAD collaboration without confusion:

Centralise all your CAD data, documents and emails with a complete check-in check-out version control system with easy roll back. Gain the peace of mind of no duplicate, corrupt, misplaced, deleted, outdated or incorrect data.


Create a flexible working culture:

12d Synergy is your modern and efficient flexible working solution, tailored to the architectural, engineering and surveying industry. 12d Synergy Remote Access enables easy collaboration on your drawings anywhere, anytime – at the office, home or onsite – giving you a better work-life balance.


Join over 3,500 drafters, civil designers and surveyors who enjoy the ease and flexibility of 12d Synergy.

12d Synergy 4’s powerfully intuitive CAD management features:


AutoCAD & BricsCAD Integration:

CAD Plugins for ease of use, including AutoCAD and BricsCAD. Do everything you need to do without leaving your CAD project. Check-in and check-out DWG files, find, track and rebind Xrefs, add attributes and blocks, and automatically generate plots.

Seamless Xref Tracking:

Links between drawings are intuitively recognised, so there’s no need for frustrating manual Xref rebinds whenever you move or rename a CAD drawing. Supported reference types include DWG, images, PDF, point clouds and data links.

Sheet Set Manager:

12d Synergy’s plugin enables you pull DWGs directly from 12d Synergy to add to your sheet sets, and to set your default layout when adding new blank sheets.

Drawing Register:

Manage your drawing register spreadsheets within 12d Synergy providing you will the insurance of full version control and rollback.

Bulk Attribute Editor:

Edit all your attributes in one location, creating a rock-solid single source of truth. This saves you precious time and boosts your productivity and efficiency.


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