10 Ways to Conquer CAD Chaos

10 Ways to Conquer CAD Chaos

Spend 90% LESS time managing CAD and 90% MORE time drafting

Download our free 5-page guide and learn 10 game-changing ways to manage CAD that most drafters don't anything about, but must know

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In this actionable eBook, you'll learn:

  • The warning signs and challenges of poor CAD management practices
  • How to manage CAD with faster data transfers, full version control and easy-rollback 
  • How to update your title blocks in 90% less time without having wait to open each DWG  
  • A smarter way to track your Xrefs, that lets you move or rename files without breaking them 
  • How to enforce your folder structure and naming conventions 
  • As well as 12d Synergy’s Sheet Set Manager, integrations with AutoCAD and BricsCAD, Drawing Register functionality and more.

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About the eBook

The CAD best practices and tips & tricks outlined in this eBook were developed from the expertise of CAD data guru Richard Stoliar who has over 13 years’ experience developing data management solutions for the architectural, engineering and construction industry.  

The teachings from this eBook were presented by Richard in a presentation titled ‘Managing Drawings with 12d Synergy’ to a sold-out audience of industry experts at our 2018 12d Technical Forum.  

Richard is the Technical Lead for 12d Synergy, and has been working on 12d Synergy since day one. He led the development of 12d Synergy’s CAD management features in version 4. 

Richard Stoliar - 12d Synergy Technical Lead Portrait

Richard Stoliar Technical Lead 12d Synergy 

10 Ways to Conquer CAD Chaos

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