Is project related administration weighing you down?

by | Feb 13, 2018

Document Management has continued to grow in importance to meet the needs of project management, QA, workflows and business litigation. As the tools we use to design, consult and communicate continue to develop, the role of document controllers continue to grow.

It’s safe to assume that nobody enjoys sitting down to do their required paperwork – but it’s essential to the smooth running of your projects.  Not only does it ensure every task in the project is accounted for, you have a legal obligation to yourself and your business to ensure all procedures are correctly undertaken.

We were recently talking to one client in New Zealand for an upcoming case study.  She told us that on top of her general engineering and design duties, she would often spend 2 to 4 hours per week just on the administration side of her projects (often outside of regular operating hours).

For many this painful process would start early on in the project, establishing project folder structure, gathering the correct files and data required, filing client contact information and general project information within the project’s folder.

The project set up is just the first hurdle to leap in your project administration.  Once up and running your time-consuming tasks continue;

  • Following up and filing client emails.
  • Checking in with staff to see where tasks are up to in order to update project status.
  • Continuing to ensure all required documents and data are properly filed for review.
  • Issuing transmittals and milestone backups as required.
  • Communicating between the technical team and project management to establish and update workflows etc.

What if we could make your document controller more efficient?

Streamlining these processes will improve efficiency and your team will see an improved return on their projects.  All staff will benefit from simplified administration, particularly document controllers, office managers, technical leads and project managers who are either assigned to these time-consuming tasks or heavily rely on their information.

Administration Automation

With 12d Synergy users are able to set up project templates which draw in files and folder structures required for each project type.  Custom attributes can be used to automatically fill out forms and documentation.  Connectors allow information such as client account data to transfer from different software packages to avoid re-entering data.

Project team members are appointed to specific roles during the project set up, tasks within templates can then be assigned automatically.

From the perspective of project management and administration, all tasks and workflow progress are available at your finger tips.  With 12d Synergy’s centralised server all the required documents and data are easily accessed, either via browsing the folders or the search tool.

12d Synergy clients are saving hours per week by avoiding manual document management tasks.

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