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12d Synergy: Quality Assurance Management at Cardno

Cardno implemented 12d Synergy knowing that their main goal of Quality Assurance Management was completely secure with 12d Synergy. Cardno were able to benefit from Email Management, Version Control as well as Worksharing!

RCS: Efficient workflows for better collaboration & QA

RCS group is a multi-disciplinary team of surveyors, town planners, civil designers and project managers with over 30 years’ experience.  The group is based in Lismore NSW, servicing the North Coast and Northern Rivers regions of NSW and South East Queensland.

LD Eng: Quality Assurance Solution

LD Eng now use 12d Synergy to manage their business and of course all of their data. The system is at the core of their Quality Assurance system and has also been used as a tool to implement flexible working conditions with 12d Synergy’s remote access functionality.

Is project related administration weighing you down?

Is project administration weighing you down? Document Management has continued to grow in importance to meet the needs of project management, QA, workflows and business litigation. As the tools we use to design, consult and communicate continue to develop, the role of document controllers continue to grow. It’s safe to assume that nobody enjoys sitting… Read more »

The Cost of Rework in Engineering Design

Cost of Rework in Engineering Design In the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry, the cost of rework is estimated to be 5% of contract value, or $500,000 on a $10 million project. Rework can be decreased through the effective use of information technology to improve teamwork and collaboration; increase visibility of documents, engineering files,… Read more »

Reducing Rework Could Save You Thousands

On average rework will cost you upward $500,000 on a $10 million project. Here is one way for you Civil Engineering firm to reduce rework and save money.

Cardno: A Quality Assurance Solution

At the time of implementation Cardno had not even considered 12d Synergy’s integration with 12d Model, it was purely a Quality Assurance Solution. They were looking to implement a system which would assist them with their ISO 9001 Quality Assurance audit.

CLS: Release the Shackles of Data and Document Administration

Clark Land Surveyors is a surveying and land development consultancy, based in Christchurch, New Zealand. The company undertakes a range of work, from subdivisions to commercial construction projects. Its team includes three licensed surveyors and two survey technicians. Download the full case study PDF Release the Shackles of Data and Document Administration Since the devastating… Read more »

Why finding long-lost email could save your skin

Email Management

Why Finding that Long-Lost Email Could Save Your Skin Over the lifetime of a project, you send and receive hundreds of emails. What happens when a client disputes something that was agreed 3 years ago? Can you prove it? Hi Client, I recall sending this information to you during the project. Okay, when exactly did… Read more »