RCS: Efficient workflows for better collaboration & QA

by | May 23, 2018

Reference: www.rcsgroup.com.au

RCS group is a multi-disciplinary team of surveyors, town planners, civil designers and project managers with over 30 years’ experience.  The group is based in Lismore NSW, servicing the North Coast and Northern Rivers regions of NSW and South East Queensland.

In 2016 RCS was recognised at the 12d International Conference for their customisation of 12d Synergy, providing their firm with an exemplary quality assurance system.

RCS: Efficient workflows for better collaboration & QA

As a regional business RCS group manages a wide variety of project types.  These individual project types can have differing tasks, checklists and documents associated with them.

“There was a plethora of all these forms that had to be ticked for every project,” explains Chris Bull, Administration Manager RCS. “It was very much a manual process and a nightmare to maintain.”

RCS needed a system that would better control QA, Work Health and Safety Compliance and organise tasks in the system. They also wanted version control, to ensure staff were working on the right file, but more importantly to ensure clients are issued with the correct documents and to be able to keep track of changes and document issue.

The Solution

RCS came across 12d Synergy and were impressed by its features, particularly the QA aspects and version control. Implementation was easy, with support always available for any issues.

Workflows became a breeze. Before, it was difficult to coordinate who was needed to do what on a project. With 12d Synergy, tasks are allocated to different team members. Staff use the task function to record their progress and close their tasks when completed. As soon as someone closes a task, an email is automatically generated to pass the job to the next person. The task function also offers managers a quick and easy overview of the work progress on any given project.

“In 12d Synergy when someone closes a task, you can automatically generate an email to pass the job to the next person. This helps greatly with work-sharing and collaboration.” Chris Bull, Administration Manager, RCS


File Management

Comprehensive business management system

12d Synergy’s tasks functionality allows RCS to define processes steps and roles for each job type. These are then allocated to team members. As tasks are completed the process steps forward with automated emails sent to those involved thereby coordinating the process.


Version Control

Full version control and audit trail

12d Synergy’s check in, check out version control system leaves a clear and complete audit trail so changes aren’t lost, and new work can’t be accidentally overwritten. It’s easy to see what the latest version is, with all history tracked and saved.


Data Management
Better data and document management

12d Synergy makes it much easier to find files, as well as track conversations with clients. With the Issued Files function, RCS is able to check what files have been sent to a particular client, as well as view all relevant emails.



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