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RCS: Efficient workflows for better collaboration & QA

RCS group is a multi-disciplinary team of surveyors, town planners, civil designers and project managers with over 30 years’ experience.  The group is based in Lismore NSW, servicing the North Coast and Northern Rivers regions of NSW and South East Queensland.

Webinar: Worksharing Among Multiple Offices

Webinar: Managing Multiple Offices The 12d Synergy team presented another great webinar jam-packed with content. This time we tackled an ambitious topic… how to solve the headache of worksharing across multiple offices. Multi-office consultancies can often experience the light and shade of different performing markets. As one office faces an infrastructure boom, another may be… Read more »

8 Ways Remote Workers Can Outperform Office Workers

8 Ways Remote Workers Can Outperform Office Workers Another early morning. Startled, the relentless drone of your alarm drags you out of bed- again. How you hate that sound. It’s still dark outside. After pouring yourself a coffee still half asleep you fumble at the TV remote. On the third try you finally press the power… Read more »

How to solve the worksharing problems of managing multiple AEC offices

How to solve the logistical problems of managing multiple AEC offices Are you pulling your hair out? Are you stressing over deadlines while you wait for that tediously long 15-minute file transfer to come through? You’re not alone. Distributed environments lead to large data sets being regularly transferred between offices. This results in frustratingly slow… Read more »

5 reasons you need a centralised data management system

5 reasons you need a centralised data management system 1. Data Integrity. Worksharing and collaborating between different offices is inevitable.  As one office exceeds capacity, specialist skills from other offices will be required.  Without a centralised system, businesses often experience issues such as: •  Duplicate data as files are copied and shared. •  Corrupt data… Read more »

WSP: Synergising the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing

A joint venture between WSP and Aurecon (APB) adopted 12d Synergy to run on the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing project.
APB managed all 12d Model data, GIS information, XPSWMM data and all project related Correspondence with 12d Synergy.
Around 80 users generated over 30,000 emails during the project, all filed by 12d Synergy’s Email Management.

Training: Tasks and Collaboration

12d Synergy Training: Tasks and Collaboration In this this training webinar, we look at various collaboration tools within 12d Synergy. These tools can help your project team communicate more effectively, while keeping each other informed. We look at using tasks to set a ‘to do’ items, or suggested worflows. We also look at using forums… Read more »

ESQ: Enhancing Project Delivery With Data Management

Civil engineering and project management consultancy, Engineering Solutions Queensland Pty Ltd (ESQ), has increased productivity by enabling team collaboration and providing a central data repository for project related emails and design files including 12d Model and CAD.