How to solve the worksharing problems of managing multiple AEC offices

by | Apr 6, 2018

Are you pulling your hair out? Are you stressing over deadlines while you wait for that tediously long 15-minute file transfer to come through?
You’re not alone. Distributed environments lead to large data sets being regularly transferred between offices. This results in frustratingly slow and painful data transfer wait times.

Because of this problem, staff frequently do not have access to vital documents when they need them. This results in countless hours of lost production, wasted resources and missed opportunities. Data has become the oxygen for the civil engineering and surveying organisations of today. However, these wait times are throttling your corporation’s vital air way.

There needs to be a better way

What you need is an efficient way to connect, collaborate and manage the offices across your business. You want to be confident that your work will be available when you need it.

Imagine this, you are in Geelong and you have something really important that you need to get for work tomorrow. But it’s in Sydney. You could get in your car are drive all the way to pick it up, but this would be expensive and very time-consuming. Instead, you think up a great idea; you will get the important item mailed over-night right to your desk.

The solution is easier than you think

12d Synergy’s File Replication Server (FRS) achieves just this, and more. It is the perfect multi-office worksharing solution, enabling you to substantially reduce the amount of data traffic between offices by synchronising and caching files in the background. 12d’s FRS minimises the pressure on your offices’ networks by transferring large files overnight when people are outside of the office. This means that your network is unrestricted and fast when you rely on it most. The result being your organisation’s efficiency is substantially improved.

Files are retrieved from your local FRS rather than grabbing it from the centralised main server in your main office. Synchronisation times can be scheduled to occur when best suited to your organisation’s strict schedule.

12d Synergy’s FRS has proven success among some of the AEC industry’s key players. Ben Brown, Senior Civil Designer from WSP used 12d Synergy on the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing project and remarked that:

“Prior to using 12d Synergy I worked on a project on the Sydney Office. When I returned to the Brisbane office to continue working on this project, it would take between 30 – 40 minutes to open the same project across the corporate network. Due to the local caching technologyin 12d Synergy, similar projects now open in around 1 – 2 minutes. I can now work from any office in the country or from home and I know my data will load quickly. Plus I can make my edits without any delays. 12d Synergy saves me a lot of time every day.”

Another client stated that:

“Before 12d Synergy arrived it was a terrible experience, with transfers taking hours and files getting accidentally overwritten. With 12d Synergy everything is fast, easy and efficient, and it was very quick to learn.”

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