Webinar: Worksharing Among Multiple Offices

by | Apr 23, 2018

The 12d Synergy team presented another great webinar jam-packed with content. This time we tackled an ambitious topic… how to solve the headache of worksharing across multiple offices.

Multi-office consultancies can often experience the light and shade of different performing markets. As one office faces an infrastructure boom, another may be operating business as usual or even in recession. The point is, as we see the resources in a particular office stretch to capacity, we look to other offices to leverage those skills to get the job done. This is worksharing.

The Worksharing Problem

Worksharing becomes problematic, however, when collaborating in data heavy environments. Data is getting bigger- we all know this. Data has become the oxygen of AEC businesses.

Many businesses have adopted high risk band-aid solutions when collaborated regionally and globally using large data sets. However, this leads to a number of inefficiencies and problems which cause major headaches:

Lengthy transfer times. Lost projects. Crippled network speeds. Version confusions. Corrupted data.

What a nightmare. No surprise that all of these problems results in A LOT of burnt money and A LOT of wasted time. But there’s a solution. A light at the end of the tunnel.

So, what’s the solution?

Well… everything you need to know (and more) was in the webinar. Let’s just say that the solution is BIG… 91% reduction in data transfer traffic. 4 hours saved per user per week. $43,200 saved on a small 12-week carpark project.

Too bad that ship has sent sail. Gone. But don’t worry. We were thinking of you. We have recorded the webinar. The entire thing. It’s all yours. Free.

Enjoy. 🙂

Watch: Worksharing Among Multiple Offices – Industry Solutions Webinar Series


The solution:

A sophisticated and centralised data document management system is a MUST when working regionally and globally with large data sets. It’s really important to have all your data in the one location that is both controlled and backed up.

Intelligent data transfer technology is also a must as it enables only the changes made to be transferred. This means that a folder of 1200 files that is 900 MB can be reduced only 100 files at 50 MB.

Digital communication tools, such as Skype, Email, Forums and Notes are also great tools to make worksharing easier and more effective.

When worksharing across large distances a File Replication Server (FRS) will speed up transfers even more.

…This is just the tip of the iceberg.

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